New Speed Dial button options, Linux 32-bit is back – Snapshot 1.11.890.4

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    We’re wrapping up our annual meet-up in Magnolia this week, but not before we get another Snapshot out the door. In Vivaldi 1.10 we added the ability to use custom thumbnails for Speed Dials on your start page. One issue with this is that people will click the reload / “update thumbnail” button and mistakenly clear their […]

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  • nice :)

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    You've been busy -- Thanks again for another great update!

  • This is nice!
    I wouldn't make a "permanent" option in the preferences though, unless there is still some way to edit thumbnails while the hover buttons are off in preferences, maybe say, through right-clicking the thumbnail.

    Ideally I'd hide all thumbnail editing options (delete, refresh, custom) and any new ones that may still arise, behind a single "three dot icon". That would look cleaner and avoid any "accidental" clicks

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    @duarte.framos Right-clicking thumb still has all options.

  • @Ayespy Ah cool, good to know, we're good then ;)

  • [URL Field] Sometimes deleted chars get autocompleted VB-29692
    Thank you!. I knew you could fix this!

  • [Regression] Duplicate search engine nicknames are introduced on upgrade VB-29564
    well, it right did that for me, I already had yahoo, duckduckgo, ecosia etc but with different nickname, after update it added the default ones without nick name. I deleted my "custom" ones, set a different nickname on Yahoo (ya) and now it is shown as custom anyway. Oh well.

  • [URL Field] Improve search in url field for drop down filtering VB-18556
    seems to work well

  • [New] Optional Speed Dial buttons VB-13687
    this is very welcome, thanks a lot

  • Have “Popup in tab” off by default VB-29742
    it stayed activated for me, and I still prefer this way, the new window popups still have lot of work before being usable.

  • [Media][Windows] Audio stops playing after a while VB-29546
    [Media][Windows] Support video/mpeg4 VB-27459
    [Media] Proprietary media served with wrong unsupported mimetype fails to play VB-29504

    I've no idea where these should be working now, but Vivaldi is still not working on liveleak, for example
    starts, after 2 seconds stops and there is no way to make it play again, or seek into the video. Apart refreshing it several times, trying to stop as soon it starts to let it finish buffering, and hope for the best when starting playing it again.
    I've retried videos from urls reported here
    and still the same problem appears. I know Vivaldi plays mp4/webm fine if they can be opened in a new tab and played without those javascript players embedding those videos, still is really annoying, as sometimes to find the actual video raw url, peeking with the dev tools it's needed.

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    @ian-coog: afaik its only changed for new users.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @ian-coog: What OS do you use ian? Is this also a regression compared to the previous snapshot, or has this been an issue for a while?

  • @Aronand ah makes sense, only for new installs. Thanks for the explanation.

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    Thanks very much for: "[New] Optional Speed Dial buttons VB-13687"

    Re: "[Themes] Allow more fine-grained themes color control VB-29456" -- I didn't notice any additions to the theming options on macOS. However, is it my imagination or are the tab colours now rendered differently? I'm using a modified Subtle theme with the Accent colour set to #e3e3e3 and a native Highlight value to better match the macOS palette. It's now harder for me to differentiate the active tab from the background tabs. When hovering to switch tabs, the highlighted tab now renders almost pure white.

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    @iAN-CooG It will show as custom if, for instance, you add the suggest URL.

  • @Ayespy I hope this won't cause to next update to re-add them again as doubles.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @aronand: Ah, you mentioned "still not working" missed that

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