Tab Stacking

  • I got interested in Vivaldi because of tab stacking. However, I can't seem to find a way to make it work for me, but maybe I am missing something. Here is how I envisioned tab stacking working

    1. links opened from a page are automatically stacked with that page. For example, I am on reddit, and open a link in a new tab, it should automatically stack onto my reddit tab.
    2. option for all pages from the same domain to be automatically stacked.
    3. short either of those options, a shortcut (alt right click) or mouse action to open a link stacked into the current tab.

    Hoping somebody can give me some ideas!

  • Try this: vivaldi://settings/tabs/ -- Tick "open tabs in current tab stack"

  • @luetage that works if I have already created a tab stack and there are 2 tabs in that stack. Once I have closed out the other tabs down to the 'root' or 'parent' window, it stops working and just opens in a separate tab.

  • @rayzorben Of course, because one tab is not a tab-stack. Use the tab context menu to stack tabs by domain.

  • @Pesala while that makes it easier, this makes me feel like I have to constantly manage it. Is there no way to automatically do this?

  • What you are saying is that you want just one tab in a window, which stacks all other tabs being created. Well, make a feature request, good luck with that.

    Have you tried tree tabs btw?
    Might be worth a shot considering you are talking root folder, then you get a real hierarchy.

  • @rayzorben I'm with you. Whilst for me the current system is massively useful [& frankly this alone eliminates every other browser from my candidate list, even without then counting all the other fab V features], i still hanker for a future day when behaviour as you described is also optionally available to us. This would make a fabulous browser even more fabulouserousy ;-)

  • @luetage nice, i like it. pretty much the behavior i am looking for, but would love to have it still stack the children to keep the address bar uncluttered.

  • @rayzorben I rather like the idea of stacking children to keep an address uncluttered. ;)

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