How many snapshots are downloaded?

  • Hi, How many snapshots are downloaded, each time a new snapshot is released? newscpq

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    Absent figures from Vivaldi I wanted to guess but thought better of it. I'll likely be way off. But if there were 500k downloads in the first ten days I bet there have been more than 1,000k so far. I hope so. I'm not recommending Vivaldi yet to people but when it goes stable I will (family, friends ..). Maybe others are waiting too till kinks are worked out before they recommend it.

  • If I had 1 million downloads I wouldn't say to a newspaper the half, just because 10 days have passed…
    I think the download rate is not linear, rather exponential (many downloads initially, then, very rapidly, less and less).
    My opinion is that they said half a million, even when they were only something above 400K and they saw the download rate almost stop.

  • newscpq: for your expression we use in our language something like "One old lady was saying…"

    If someone after a few hours (not weeks) after first 10 days says that it was more than 500k downloads. It was more than 500k downloads. Any other numbers in any other day passes are just a guesses which are not relevant here.

    And to be hones who will say "after 12 days we had more than 590k downloads"? no one. 12 is not a number to express something and 590k is not a good number for download statistics as well (almost 600 or over 500 - I would prefer "over" in any case speaking about numbers).

    and to answer the questions: official state of Vivaldi devs is that they will not publish download statistics (source: last blogpost)

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    However, they said they likely soon would have some "interesting announcement" to make relative to this. I suspect that when they hit landmarks like a million, etc., they will remark publicly on it.


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