Adding default bookmarks on Speed Dial

  • Hey there,
    is it possible to add again some default bookmarks with their thumbnails on Speed Dial after deleting them?

  • The default speed dials are saved as bookmarks, so short of resetting your bookmarks, you won't be able to get them back. However I imagine you are looking for the thumbnails, which can be found within the application.
    Open the resources folder within that vivaldi folder, and all default speed dial thumbnails can be found there (their names start with sd_)

  • Make sure to NOT point directly to those files, because on version change, also that (old) directory will be deleted, make a copy of your thumbs in %localappdata%\Vivaldi\ instead and use them from there.
    This is a thing that Vivaldi should manage really better than as it is now. The custom thumbnails should be really treated exactly as the automatic thumbnails and stored safely in the internal databases, whatever it is, Top Sites, Bookmarks, or even just a directory inside %localappdata%\Vivaldi\

  • @iAN-CooG and @luetage thank you! I put thumbnails in my pic folder so it's okay now!


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