Do Your Bookmark Folder do This?

  • If a bookmark folder does not have the focus, and I single-click the triangle, the folder opens to display it's contents. At that point the folder row is blue. This is fine. ๐Ÿ™‚ If I try to close the folder - while it has the focus - by single-clicking the triangle it will not close. I must double click the triangle to close the folder. Sometimes I have to try a few times. This isnโ€™t cool. ๐Ÿ˜ž If any folder doesn't have the focus, single-clicking the triangle works. Does this happen to others? I hope it is not a feature and can be fixed so single-clicking the triangle works reliably.

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    I've noticed a similar unreliability and unpredictability as to when folders need to be clicked or double-clicked to be opened or closed. It sometimes does take multiple tries.

  • @g_bartsch:

    Does this happen to others?

    Same here. I think it should be single click everywhere. Also to open a bookmark.

  • @helsten2:

    Same here. I think it should be single click everywhere. Also to open a bookmark.

    I used to want single clicks to open the bookmark but I'd like the option to set single or double clicks to open bookmarks as I mention here:


    • I thought I liked one-click opening as per O12 but am starting to like the Vivialdi double-click or click-enter key because click-enter means I make fewer slips (I have a disability and am not precise with the mouse). I'd like to see the click method optional.

  • Honestly, it was optional in O12 though few people changed it. If you preferred to use the panel to manage your bookmarks you could set it to double-click.


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