New features / bug report

  • I am a brand new convert. I really like the panels, but the screen appears a bit cluttered with my bookmark toolbar.

    I will propose a few ideas to fix this:

    1. Hide the bookmarks until a mouseover is detected in the address bar and/or tabs.
    2. Make the panel work as a bookmark or let the panel accept bookmarks. Now I love that idea. Even a mouseover an icon in the panel that shows the booksmarks would be very cool.

    Also Stickypass works only partially. It works in Chrome.

    In future versions you need to focus more and more on security. It will become more and more important to people very soon. If you are out in front, it could propel this great browser to the top! Also you need a setting to allow ME to choose whether to use flash or not. I had to turn it off completely. It is a HUGE security risk to have it installed at all.

    Good luck! I like the browser a lot so far.

  • Moderator

    @The_Boss There is already a bookmarks panel. You do not need to waste space with the bookmarks bar if you don't want to. Your bookmarks can be accessed from the URL field or Quick Commands dialogue. You really only need to use the Bookmarks Panel for organising bookmarks.

  • Thanks for pointing out the bookmark features to this newby. I still think that my ideas would be an improvement. Accessing bookmarks from the panel is not too convenient.


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