[Workaround] Ignored categories still show up in unread

  • I've ignored local forums that are all in non-English languages for a while now. This worked on a lot of them, but for some reason I'm still getting a lot of non-English threads showing up in my unread despite having those forum categories set to "ignoring".

    A lot of recent threads in my unread are in Japanese, so while it's probably starting to work for other languages, I'm starting to see more and more Japanese threads in my unread folder even though I'm "ignoring" all of them.

    Anyone else experiencing these issues?

  • @luetage Oh my god, thank you! I did it, and it looks like all the Japanese threads are out of my unread folder.

    Sorry for not digging deeper to find your thread. The mods can delete this thread if they want, and I think they should pin yours to inform people who keep getting local forums in their unread folder.


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