Page loading response time after pressing 'ENTER'

  • Hello my friends,

    recently (I would guess since 1.10) I noticed that the speed of page loading went down. I would say that the actual loading speed is the same (no problems with that), but when I write address in address bar and then press 'ENTER', the browser is like 5-8 seconds chilling out doing nothing. It is not frozen - I can switch my tabs and browser is as responsive as usual, but it is not loading the page. After that time period I mentioned it starts loading the page (and I do not think it is slower than before), but that vacuum when it is doing nothing - well that is really plaintive.
    I noticed it does the same exact thing when opening a bookmark, opening a speed dial bookmark or clicking on tab for first time after browser relaunch (when it is suspended).
    I tried to disable all of my extensions, tired to turn off my antivirus, but it did not improve.

    I got 0 idea if I am the only one dealing with this or what is causing it.
    I really appreciate every suggestion or comments about your situation for comparison.

    Thank you very much guys and have a nice evening!

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    @Pheliox Do you have a huge download, bookmark or history file? Have you tried clearing the Top Sites file? (Will nuke your Speed Dial Thumbs). Also, turning off extensions or security does not normally necessarily remove them from the mix. Developers these days have some really odd ideas about what "disable" or "turn off" means.

    One thing you might try is to refresh your profile. These are just some ideas. Here, on Win10, I have had no performance degrade.

  • I tried cleaning/refreshing my profile, but the responsiveness remains the same :-/
    I also checked other browsers. They got some delay as well, but it is much shorter - usually one or two seconds. But using Vivaldi I am waiting about 6 seconds for Viv to start loading the page on every site I want to visit (even the chromium sites like vivaldi://settings/).
    I noticed it doesn't do the thing when clicking on urls (hyperlinks) on opened websites with left mouse button, but oddly enough it does that when opening that hyperlink in separate tab with middle mouse button. :-o

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    @Pheliox I've seen such a delay (not quite so severe) on older hardware. Could it be hardware related?

  • Whenever this happens to me, I often see that after having typed something into the address bar, it doesn't show any suggestions from the bookmarks or history. So it may well be something like slow hardware taking too long to read from a large file.
    However, I still think pressing enter should just bypass having to load the file and go directly to whatever you just typed.

  • I don't know but honestly don't think so. I believe it really doesn't do anything during that time, because neither my CPU nor my RAM usage goes up. But I don't understand anything about hardware so who knows.

    I don't have the issue LonM suggested - I see all suggestions and it happens to me constantly on every single site - the only exception is when clicking on hyperlink with left mouse button. I have attached screen of Viv window trying to reach facebook at that idle period and I already tried to remove all browsing data (history, cache, etc) with no improvement.


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    @Pheliox During the "idle" period, what is happening on your address bar? Do you have "page loading progress bar" turned on? Is there a colored bar retreating across your address bar? If so, this means there is no "idle" state. Instead, the browser is loading elements and waiting until they are complete to show them to you. It is an illusion of slow loading, when in fact the browser is working away, fetching your contents for you.

  • Hi, you may have problems with your DNS or better your provider has.
    Curious about same slowdown with your settings tab.

    Cheers, mib
    EDIT: Check it is the ip of

  • @Pheliox
    Yes, same here with Vivaldi 1.10.867.42 on Windows 7
    I'm using Vivaldi because it is very speed... It was, I would say, now.
    For a few days now, when I want to open a website in a new tab, Vivaldi opens it, but the page loads only after 4 seconds (yes FOUR !)
    Same thing when I'm on a page and I click to open a bookmark.
    same thing when I click on Help --> About to open vivaldi://about/ : between 4 and 5 seconds to load the page !
    When I click on a bookmark, the adress displays right away on the adress bar, but nothing changes, nothing is loading ... then 4-5 seconds later, the wesite begins to load.
    But once I'm on a website, like facebook, and I load a new page still on facebook, I have no problem, the speed is good.
    But If I click on the bookmark Google : same problem : at least 4 seconds to wait before it loads... just to go from facebook to google.
    Pages on the same domain load as usual. Pages between different domains : problem.
    Just to open a new tab in which Google opens : 4 seconds.

    Nothing else is running, no dowload... nothing.
    I tried with Opera and Chrome : no delay, same behaviour as usual.

    Very strange.

  • During that idle time there is no progress visualization. Its is 100 % what is on that screenshot I posted above. The situation on the screenshot lasts for 8 seconds and then it starts loading the page like it should from the beginning.
    Let me be clear: the situation on that screenshot is after hitting enter (not like I wrote the address on blank page) ;-)

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    @Pheliox Wow. Literally never seen anything anywhere near so slow. And you say this happens with a clean profile?

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    @Pheliox Testing this on my paleolithic Win7 machine now...

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    @Pheliox So on a 14-year-old 3 GHz P4 32-bit system, running 2GB of PC3200 200 MHz RAM, I am able to get delays of up to two or three seconds before a new page responds. Most of the time it is less than two seconds. Given the overall responsiveness of the machine, and how it acts with apps in general, the impression is one of "instant" response. I don't know what's happening on yours.

    Do you run any 3P security software?

  • @Ayespy Yes it happens even with a new profile. I run Avast - but I turned it off and the delay is still there. Well at least I am not alone because I believe those symptoms @titanium mentioned are exactly the same as mine.

  • I have the same problem. Started after the browser update

  • This other problem also started after the upgrade. I open a navigation tab and various parts of the browser turn black.

    alt text

  • @Leonardodmgs said in Page loading response time after pressing 'ENTER':

    I have the same problem. Started after the browser update

    Yes, it would be nice if we could uninstall just the last update that causes the problem...
    as we can do it on a smartphone with android : the last update is uninstalled and the app continues to work with the previous version.

  • @titanium

    I can add that is the same with a local file :
    when I click on an html file which is on my computer to open it in Vivaldi : same thing : 4 seconds.
    So, no network problem at all.

    If i put Chrome as default browser, the html file loads right away.
    Then I put Vivaldi as default browser again, this time I had to wait 5 seconds to load the local file.

  • I am testing 64 bit version right now. So far it seems it is working as it should - no "idle" periods. But it is not the solution I would imagine :-/

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    @Pheliox Turning off a 3rd party security app does not keep it from rummaging through every operation before it allows it to execute. Avast has become somewhat infamous for interfering with Vivaldi, even when "disabled."

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