Problem using a touchscreen-pen with Vivaldi

  • Hello,

    I would like to use Vivaldi on a Acer Switch Alpha 12 notebook with a touchscreen-pen (Acer Active Stylus Pen).
    But the pen does not work properly with Vivaldi. But it does work with Edge or Firefox without any problems.
    Problems with Vivaldi using the pen are for example:

    • closing tabs with the x-symbol does not work; but when I move the pen over the tab the preview of the web-site appears
    • scrolling with the horizontal or vertical bar does not work
    • marking text does not work
    • positioning the cursor in an input-field of a website does not work
    • opening a new (empty) tab by tapping on the +-symbol does work, but then I can not open a webpage by tapping with the pen on one of the speeddial-pictures.

    The problems also appear if I have only one tab open or if Vivaldi is the only open program.
    No problems when I use the touchpad or a finger on the touchscreen instead of the pen.

    I don't think that the problems come from hardware issues. Because - as I mentioned above - there are absolutly no problems with Edge and Firefox, also not with any other programm.
    Despite of this I put a new battery in the pen and I made sure that I have the newest driver for the pen. I also deactivated all add-ins. Nothing changed in Vivaldi.
    So what might be Vivaldi's problem here?

    My system: Windows 10 64-bit Home with newest updates, 8 GB RAM, Vivaldi 1.10.867.42 64-bit.

    Thank you very much in advance for any help!

  • You could try one of the latest snapshot or a previous stable..
    Sadly, vivaldi seems to have issues with touch devices on some versions/systems - but I can't say which will work as I don't own any touch device.

  • @Hadden89 Problems with pen seem to originate at 1.10. Any use of the pen on surface pro 4 completely hangs version 1.10 and later, but 1.9 is fine. Maybe 1.9 will work on Albinoni's system too. Something was changed at 1.10 which has broken Vivaldi completely for pen-based systems, it seems to me. I've filed a bug report about this.

  • Yes, I heard touch problems with 1.10 ..
    you could both keep a 1.9 stable as main and a 1.11 snapshot as standalone so you'll know when update your 1.9 without break the input. And continue to give reports to help them fix touch issues ^^

  • I still use version 1.9.818.50 (64-bit) because of the touchscreen issues.
    Does anybody know if the problems still exists in version 1.12?
    (I don't want to install two versions to try it.)

  • Moderator

    I remember there are issues with touch and pen in current Vivaldis 😞

  • In V 1.13 the problems mentioned in my starting thread are at long last solved.
    But marking text does still not work with touch/pen and (new in V 1.13) right click with pen does not work.

  • @albinoni Don't try 1.14.1030.3. The touch and pen support vanished for most parts of the UI (especially websites).

  • @deryo This can not be true!!!

    Hey, developpers, what's going on here?
    Why have touchscreens / pens since V 1.10 (!!!) been a continuous problem for Vivaldi?
    Don't you care for systems with touchscreens / pens?
    I'm really thinking about deinstalling Vivaldi ...

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    @deryo said in Problem using a touchscreen-pen with Vivaldi:

    The touch and pen support vanished for most parts of the UI (especially websites)

    You reported such bug?

  • @gwen-dragon said in Problem using a touchscreen-pen with Vivaldi:

    You reported such bug?

    I didn't have the time then. 😞

    @Albinoni The next snapshot was fine. Touch is working better than ever. Pen support is not how I expect it (e.g. selecting/copying text) but that's more of a feature request than a bug.


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