Vivaldi's 'fancy history interface' update makes the browser really slow?

  • Hello guys,

    I experience a major performance decrease with Vivaldi since the update where the history tab interface is redesigned with cool graph, calendar history and other stuff. Basically, I'm having a noticeable-up to-long delay when switching tabs, scrolling pages, opening the history tab, and sometimes the browser won't respond for a moment when minimized. The performance decrease starts to noticeable even when I only have 4 tabs of light-content webpages. Obviously, it runs like a trainwreck when scrolling thru twitter/facebook where there are images /videos every few scrolls.

    This starts to happen since I updated Vivaldi to the version where the new history UI is introduced earlier this year. Then, I updated to the next two updates but the performance issue still happened. After that, I decided to reinstall the version before the history UI update and it runs smooth (except that 'can't use newer profile' popup every time launching the app), and use it for months. Few days ago, I tempted to install the latest update thinking that the devs finally fixed the performance issue, but alas, the latest version still gives me performance issue. Sorry that I forgot the exact version number of each update that I have tried.

    I'm using a laptop with Intel i7 6700HQ, Nvidia GTX960M, RAM 16GB, running Windows 10 Home, and installed Vivaldi on an SSD (Samsung EVO). I highly doubt the problem lies within my machine tho.

    Does anyone have solution or can relate with this issue? I love me some Vivaldi but now it runs even slower than Internet Explorer on an XP. Currently using Chrome and uninstalled Vivaldi because it got hijacked with adware.

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    @Envinite No such effect here. Have you imported history from somewhere else? do you for some reason have an enormously huge History file?

    Perhaps you need to refresh your profile and start over.

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    This post is deleted!

  • @Ayespy Ah yes, it appears that this performance related to the size of history file. I don't know how big my history file is, but I've been using Vivaldi for a year without clearing history and I'm not importing anything from other browsers. I have reinstalled Vivaldi without backing up the profile and it runs without problem.

    So now, I suppose with these fancy history UI, I have to clear my Vivaldi history file more often? Seeing that an older Vivaldi version still runs fine without clearing history, and other browsers could still runs fine for years without clearing history, this UI update does impact the performance and needs more time for development.

    Anyway, thank you for your help!

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    @Envinite You also have the option to limit the amount of time for which your history is saved (say, to 90 days or something).

  • Hi, my 3 month history file is 5.3 MB, my history-journal file was a few KB.
    After clear up it is 0 KB.
    May yours was corrupted.
    Iirc the default is 3 month but cant remember where the setting is.

    Cheers, mib

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    @mib2berlin It's in the privacy settings. I have never experienced what the OP writes of, so I'm just casting about for answers. My 3-mo. history file is 3.2 MB. My History Journal file is (and has always been as far as I can tell) 0.

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