Facebook keeps vivaldi crashing!!

  • Started with one update before the last one and the last update didn´t fix this problem. Really annoying as soon as I scroll down on Facebook it keeps crashing.
    Do something pls

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    @mzerobin What happens if you refresh your profile?

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    @mzerobin There's a known problem with HTML5 video crashing Vivaldi (snapshot and stable) on Mac's with blacklisted GPUs. Hopefully the following thread will be helpful:



  • Thank you very much!!! It works completely fine!
    Shout out to you guys for such a quick and helpful response! Thanks!
    Cheers now I´m happy again with Vivaldi :)

  • @Ayespy mine still crashes even with a refresh. And it's to the point where if it crashed once with Facebook, it can't recover because it keeps going back to the same tab with the Facebook and repeatedly crashes before I can open a new tab without Facebook!

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    @MayThe Try disconnecting the network connection on your Mac either by turning off Wi-Fi (click on the icon on the menu bar) and/or by physically disconnecting the network cable... then restart Vivaldi. If the browser can't load the problematic content, then it shouldn't crash. Once you've regained control, to guard against getting into another crash loop, adjust your Vivaldi startup settings to load the Start Page instead of resuming the last session.

    Next, go to vivaldi://flags and Enable the "Override software rendering list" flag; it's the first entry on the page, then hit the Relaunch button at the bottom of the page. This should enable the videos to play and should also stop the crash from occurring as well.

    It should now be safe to connect to the network and resume normal browsing. If the crashes have stopped, you can also reconfigure the Vivaldi startup settings to resume your Last Session on launch.

  • @xyzzy That worked, thank you!

  • Thank you for your help! That worked! I was wondering however why that seems to happen on certain Macbooks. Is it an issue with the browser or certain Macbooks?

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