Vivaldi and FVD Speed Dial

  • Hi everyone,

    I am new here, just registered for this post.

    I have been using Vivaldi for quite some time and all my FVD Speed Dial has been working okay without any hiccups but since version 1.10 (when I noticed) every dial that need to be refreshed doesn't look good any more (for better understanding please see attached image).

    Any ideas? It will be much appreciated.


  • Try to contact the developers of the extension about it.

  • @luetage

    Thanks for the suggestion but it doesn't look like it's extension problem because it was working before V1.10 and I have Opera, Chrome installed with the very same extension and it are fine.
    Perhaps isn't Vivaldi problem either, who knows but I had to ask to see if someone from Vivaldi could figure out but no one from them responded.

    Thanks anyway.

  • @JGToy
    I see no problem with thumbnails.


    • Current Vivaldi Stable & Snapshot (based on Chromium Beta).
    • Same sites as your screenshot.
    • FVD.

    Did you test with clean profile plus only FVD?
    The only I got from testing FVD, it spike my CPU to 50%+

  • @dLeon

    Take a close look at!
    The 2 from the left has a black bar at bottom of it.
    The one from far right it is perfect (because i have not refreshed).

  • @JGToy
    I know.

    And I said no problem here!
    "Here", I mean thumbnails in my test FVD here in my system.
    In both Vivaldi.

  • @dLeon

    Sorry, I thought you was talking about my.

    For a moment I was thinking in doing a fresh install of Vivaldi and FVD after reading your post but then I decided to check others computer I have (7 total) first and all of them has the same problem so, I guess the reinstall part isn't necessary because I do not think all 7 computer has the exactly same installation issue.

    A question: Are you on Windows 10 ?

    I am an Insider and today my computers are being updated to build 16232 and all still with the same issue.

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