one of the windows become non-responsive

  • Hi,
    I'm using the latest Stable version [1.10.867.42 (Stable channel) (64-bit)], and I notice that I can not do any operation (selection, click, shortcuts..) on one of my Vivaldi windows (the old one) now, while the other one (the new one) works fine.

    Probably this does not always happen, but anyone else have ever experienced this kind of behavior?

  • OP changed title, this is irresponsible :/

  • @luetage what do you mean by "sauced"? And what's "drunk loading"? Thanks.

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    @luetage I changed the title.

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    @zhangdl @luetage was making a joke. "Irresponsible" means not taking responsibility for one's self or one's actions. Therefore, he was making the joke that perhaps your background window was getting drunk while you weren't looking, and thereafter behaving irresponsibly. I figured out that you meant "non-responsive," meaning the the window was not responding to your input - so I changed the title of your post to reflect what you meant.

    Obviously, English is not your primary language, so I am trying to help.

  • @Ayespy thank you very much. I'm glad that I can also learn English here from the discussion with you guys. Please keep helping.

  • This happened again today, though this time the only window get non-responsive...
    Except the "Control+Q" command... it's it handled by vivaldi?

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