Vivaldi and FVD Speed Dial and the "magic" URL bar [Resolved)

  • Re: Speed dial
    It was a problem in v1.4 that was solved and Vivaldi become my only browser. Love it. Now it's partly starting again. I'm using FWD Speed Dial as my homepage instead of Vivaldi's own. When clicking the "+" (Open a new tab) button the cursor is placed into the URL bar only in every second occasion. When I'm just pressing the "+" opening empty homepages one after the other it works as it should. URL bar is selected every time. But when opening a web page after "+" and it loads, next clicking the "+" the URL bar is selected for a moment, but than it vanishes. I have to F8 or CTRL+L to select URL bar and start typing. I was trying to revert back to v1.9 or v1.8 where this was not an issue but with downgrading I'm losing my saved passwords, so get back again to v1.10 and eagerly waiting for a fix.

  • In v11 this is getting worse. URL bar is never selected after opening a new tab.

  • In v12 this problem is solved. In Settings / Tab / New tab page set StartPage to Controlled by Extension.


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