problems when I using Gmail offline

  • I notice that there are problems when I using Gmail offline With or without internet like if im without internet it open to tab one With all my email and one blank page when i use with internet it some to has problems showing anything i dont know whay but it may be becuse i have vivaldi://apps bar oppen
    I have
    ![alt text](0_1498392509650_upload-fa067758-1740-4d12-b071-85de4c773c81 image url)
    ![alt text](0_1498392528428_upload-ea3992c2-b86a-4f81-8788-d9a3345cdd52 image url)
    ![alt text](0_1498392552239_upload-f3b02bbc-12f4-40b8-bcaa-f6b4f4c60dd9 image url)


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