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  • I noticed that Vivaldi, unlike Chrome or Chromium doesn't send menu to global menu in Plasma/KDE. Would it be possible to have workable global menu when using system native decorations?

    If Chrome/Chromium has it, I can imagine, this shouldn't be impossible. I heavily use mac style desktop setup and global menus are essential for me. I would like to use Vivaldi as a main browser, but lack of this feature holds me up. Aside of that, Vivaldi is awesome :).

  • This has been requested numerous times, for both Unity, and KDE, going back as far as two years ago, so somehow I doubt it'll ever happen.

  • Thanks for the info.
    It would be nice to have all features in one browser but for now chrome/chromium seems to be the best integrated with Plasma.
    In reality, this feature is not essential or pressing, because Vivaldi menu is visible after clicking V logo, so it's fairly easy accessible, but I like consistent experience of well integrated environment. It's certainly a nice polish and a pro feature.

  • @michaldybczak said in Global menu in Plasma/KDE:

    If Chrome/Chromium has it, I can imagine, this shouldn't be impossible.

    While basically nothing is impossible when it comes to programming, it is quite an effort to add it to Vivaldi because the UI is built completely different from Chrom(e|ium) because it is built almost entirely based on React, meaning JavaScript, which injects an additional layer of abstraction.

    Benefit: It allows to add all the features that make Vivaldi special.
    Disadvantage: It is much harder to do mimic a real native look and even harder to do a full OS integration because that would mean hacking the core. The Devs try to avoid that as far as possible because they want to stick as close as possible to the original core for faster updates if security fixes come out. Core hacks need to be re-implemented and tested to avoid side effects, which takes a lot time.

    As long as the team is this small, it is quite unlikely that they can afford to do a deeper integration into the different operating systems - and even less in different desktop environments.

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    There is a feature request in bugtracker but is has not high priority.

  • Thank you all for the information. I use on daily basis at least 3-4 browsers and vivaldi is one of them anyway no matter with or without global menu.

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