New snapshot has more languages supported.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi there! A new snapshot of Vivaldi is available in our team blog. Snapshot has more languages supported in addition to other updates and fixes. //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

  • Thanks, Vivaldi!
    Some Bug/Issue still in it:

    1. wrong popup menu/page position. I use Dualhead - A notebook with a ext.Monitor. The popup ALWAYS popup at my Main-screen but Current screen the vivaldi in
    2. Translation/L10N un-completed. The L10N already completed before the "deadline". We've confirmed again and again!

  • thank you. any idea when you guys gone enable proxy server / where it is on the roadmap ?

  • I have to admit I tried Linux again yesterday using the lovely ChaletOS (give it a serious look its a lovely distro based on Ubuntu). I tried my favourite Windows browser which is Opera and I was very disappointed as it looks horrible on Linux and I detest the bar taking up precious space on the top like in Firefox. I decided to see how Vivaldi looked and I was pleased to see you took the time to keep it exactly the same as the Windows look and utilizing all the area properly. I also noticed that Opera on Linux has a bad bug where part of the screen can go missing so for instance the address bar isn't showing but the desktop is. So right now I'd say that Vivaldi is probably the best Linux browser especially if Maxthon have become slack with their Chrome browser.

  • It runs beside the (stable) release.

  • Hi!
    The Hungarian language file leaves something to be desired. Where you can reach the source?


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