Vivaldi 1.10 HBO NOW Video Playback Error

  • Since the Vivaldi update to 1.10 HBO NOW has issues playing videos, it was getting an error "Adobe flash player is out of date", then I read a post to manually create the directory /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin and download the latest Adobe flash for Chrome and extract it to this directory, which I did, after restarting Vivaldi HBO NOW video playback just shows three dots alternating as though the video is trying to load, any suggestions.


  • @loudermp Test if you have working flash.
    If your flash is working the fault lies with HBO, try a different user agent and see if that helps.

  • Thanks for replaying, I assume it is working okay from this output,

    Which Flash Player Version Do You Have Installed?
    Javascript is enabled in your browser.
    You have Flash player 26.0.0 installed.


    It does play in the Windows version if that makes any difference.

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    @loudermp Hi, do you still have any problems with HBO NOW videos?

  • @cheve11e_191 That's a daring question considering they haven't been online for a year :P

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    @luetage heh, true πŸ˜„ I did not look at his profile.

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    1.10 is very old.
    Users should test with newer Vivaldi and open a different thread if there is a issue.

    We had a bug report some days ago:
    VB-40713 "HBO Go can not play the videos"

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