Will Vivaldi be available on Portableapps.com at some point?

  • I find Portableapps EXTREMELY useful: all the applications/programs I can run from PortableApps (Firefox, Chrome, SeaMonkey, Skype, Thunderbird, etc.) I have migrated to the PortableApps platform and use only from there. The advantage is that I can replicate/copy all programs on any machine I have by simply copying it on a USB drive, for instance, and copying it to a new machine. If I no longer use a machine (e.g. at work) I simply delete the entire PortableApps directory, nothing's left behind. I can run all these applications also on any machine elsewhere, e.g. cybercafés, standalone PCs in press rooms in conferences, exhibits, etc. For the time being I only use Vivaldi on one PC at home... When is Vivaldi available on PortableApps? A post on PortableApps forum (January 2016) states: "Vivaldi is a beta, so we wouldn't release it in the app store yet. We dropped a note to them about working together and never heard back. Their current "portable" mode is not portable."

  • Probably won't be on portable apps... but I don't exclude vivaldi will be full portable support, one day.

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