Neuer Schnappschuss

  • Neuer, wöchentlicher Schnappschuss, jetzt auch mit Windows-64-Bit-Unterstützung: Changelog: VB-3638 -wasd spatial navigation steals cursor from VB-3614 - Zooming in/out in fullscreen doesn't work correctly VB-3610 -Zooming on a flicker image lags/slows the pc VB-3590 -Add context menu to top level items in bookmark bar VB-3585 -regression: Ctrl+Z reopen closed tab even if focus in textfield VB-3565 - Issue Report: Middle-click on item in bookmarks bar VB-3548 -In some cases focus could be lost in url field VB-3543 -Add setting to hide/show favicons on bookmarks bar VB-3531 -Focus reset in urlfield VB-3527 -Bookmarkbar menu and settings option not in sync VB-3524 -Bookmarksbar is stuck in fullscreen mode VB-3503 -Drag and drop in bookmarks bar VB-3433 -Ability to create new tab by middle mouse button VB-3333 -[Confirmed] Tab bar visible in fullscreen mode VB-2924 -No support for plural in i18n VB-2366 -localhost (without http) server url not working in urlfield VB-2018 - Rewind button not available VB-3722 -Regression : Focus lost when background page finish loading VB-3702 -Issue Report: "0" character appearing in settings panel VB-3686 -Bookmarks bar hides address bar VB-3663 -Opening folder-child bookmarks in bookmarks bar does not work VB-3659 -Move default homepage over to use https VB-3657 -Add class .is-mail to vivaldi://mail page VB-3644 -Camera access dialog appears underneath bookmarks bar VB-3642 -Opening links from bookmark bar folders does not work VB-3605 -Place bookmark icons under a chevron icon for items that do not fit on bookmark bar VB-3575 -Issue Report: The Trash Can icon overlaps the Minimize button when there are many tabs opened VB-2778 -Add support for Belarusian (be), Galician (gl), Armenian (hy), Icelandic (is) and Macedonian (mk) locales. VB-2772 -Bookmarks bar VB-2658 -Change the bookmarks to and from HTTP to HTTPS VB-2368 -Many settings window opens VB-2273 -Webcontent context menu has an offset on Mac. VB-2166 -Update thumbnail button does nothing VB-2151 -Keyboard shortcut mixed up VB-2030 -translations: Add context to disambiguate meaning VB-1959 -View page info does nothing VB-1911 -Bookmarks window missing thumbnail VB-1883 -Page actions not injected into iframe VB-1479 -Empty/Black thumbnails on startup VB-639 -Spatial navigation is missing

  • Falls noch nicht bemerkt: Ihr könnt jetzt (ab v1.0.111.2) Extensions und Apps direkt aus dem Chrome Web Store installieren.
    Die entsprechenden Extension-Button werden (noch) nicht angezeigt.
    Evtl. Einstellungen müssen derzeit über vivaldi:extensions > Optionen vorgenommen werden..


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