Vivaldi freezes on every new window for ~7 sec. because of History import

  • Hello,

    So first let me explain my Browser journey and back-story: I used Mozilla Firefox (8pecxstudios Cyberfox) for a very long time and collected my Browsing History from early 2015 til early 2017 because it was always helpful to search up my archive to find something I once have done. Cyberfox wasn't always fast, so I moved to Google Chrome (SRWare Iron). After not succesfully importing History and lack of customization options I came across Vivaldi and switched to it about 1 month ago. I could (with some easy workarounds) import my History (and of course my Bookmarks) from Cyberfox and Iron to Vivaldi. For the first 2 days I didn't import my data right away so I didn't notice any stutter or freeze. I also didn't notice it right away after import.

    To explain the issue: Every time I open a fresh/extra Window (not Tab) or Settings, Vivaldi freezes for about 7 seconds where it doesn't show any response (but if you click at something in the meantime it will open that after the freeze).

    What I've done: I "refreshed" my Profile and imported saved backups one by one and got after the History import the same freeze. Then I wanted to check with Developer Tools on the Performance tab what differences I can detect with my lack of knowledge and found out that the "corrupted" History backup always has a long Activity in Minor GC (Garbage Collection) when opening Settings or a new Window.
    I don't know what this means though

    For any guidance or support from you guys I'm very grateful. Thank You!

  • Strange issue...
    So, if you don't import back history everything is fine?
    How import old files? Import/export way or manual way?
    You could try that for history file.

  • @Hadden89 Without import of History everything is fine. I imported my History from Cyberfox collectively after I moved the other half from Iron to Cyberfox with the inbuilt function. But with testing the bug I simply copied the backup History file from my Profile. I think I should try copying it again because the file seems to be corrupted or Vivaldi is simply not able to handle the large file (140.000 URLs and 48 MB if I'm not mistaken) because the Garbage Collector is acting weird.

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