Youtube / Twitch / Twitter videos not playing + crash issues

  • Hi folks. I run Vivaldi v1.10.867.42 on two computers:

    1. a MacBook Pro 2011, running macOS 10.12.4
    2. an iMac 27'' mid-2010, running macOS 10.12.4

    Both computers:

    • Twitter: videos go black and say "The media could not be played".
    • Youtube / Twitch: some videos either load indefinitely or say "An error occured. Please try again later."
    • Twitch: videos load indefinitely without any signs of buffering.

    MacBook Pro: Facebook crashes the browser shortly after it fully loads its assets or just by scrolling through the Home page.

    Could this be a Flash / HTML5 problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I just switched to Vivaldi and really do not want to go back to Chrome. Thank you ~

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    @deusnovus It's likely that the GPU on your system has been blacklisted by the Chromium developers.

    Could you please try the following:
    Go to vivaldi://flags and Enable the "Override software rendering list" flag; it's the first entry on the page. Then hit the Relaunch button at the bottom of the page. This should enable the videos to play and could stop the crash from occurring as well.

    Is the crash on your MacBook Pro occurring on a public Facebook page? If so, I know the developers are looking for a way to replicate a similar crash that I reported, but are having difficulties doing so on their macOS 10.12 systems.

  • @xyzzy Yes, this was it! Thank you so much, you've been so helpful! Would there be a case where I would have to re-enable this option?

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    @deusnovus This is one of the safer flags to enable but it's possible that you might encounter some rendering glitches or performance issues on some web sites.

    The real fix is for the developers to find a way to make Vivaldi function equally well both with and without GPU hardware acceleration.

    If you happen to have a URL that you can share that crashes Vivaldi on macOS Sierra, I'm sure the developers would really appreciate it.


  • @xyzzy Absolutely, I'd be more than happy to share any Vivaldi crash reports with the team. Once again, thank you so much!

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    @deusnovus You're most welcome. I'm glad the tip worked out for you!

    You can file a bug report for the crash at along with the URL that triggered it.

    Just curious... if you look at the crash report in look for a line toward the top of the report that says Crashed Thread... did Vivaldi crash for you in Chrome_IOThread?

    Thanks again!

  • @xyzzy I will, next time I encounter a crash! And yes, Vivaldi crashed in Chrome_IOThread!
    Just in: disabling the "Override software rendering list" flag doesn't seem to work on my iMac 27'', it only worked on my MacBook Pro...

  • @xyzzy I apologize for the double post, but I was wondering whether you have any suggestions on fixing the same problem on an iMac 27''!

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    @deusnovus Hi. Sorry... the tips I shared here came from troubleshooting the same issues and crashes on my own MacBook Pro. Clearly, with the ATI Radeon HD 5000-series GPU in your iMac, Vivaldi is using a different code path that I can't trace. I'm also just a volunteer here, so I don't have access to internal resources, contacts, or tools that the internal testers may have at their disposal.

    The best that I can do at this time is to rummage through the Chromium team's bug tracker to see what they might have done to "break" Vivaldi on your system. I'll let you know if I find anything at all. Until then, regrettably, I'm totally at a loss of ideas.

  • @xyzzy Oh, I hear you... I will also try to do some research and ask around. It's worth mentioning I had similar problems with Chrome + iMac too. (the videos would play, but some wouldn't have any sound) But since they have identical architecture, it makes sense. Thank you so much regardless!

  • @xyzzy Thank you for this solution! Why are Chromium devs blacklisting GPUs? Less-than-total compatibility with what they're trying to do?

    It would give Vivaldi an advantage over vanilla Chrome(-ium) it it were able to detect when it is crashing for this reason, and enable this flag on its own.

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    @aratuk I'm glad that things are working better for you now.

    Re: the GPU blacklist, I'll try to summarize the situation as best as I can... The GPU drivers are actually blacklisted in Chrome and Chromium as well. The Chromium developers are currently making some optimizations to their GPU software stack and (most likely) found that their changes had caused some performance and/or rendering issues with some hardware... so they disabled GPU hardware acceleration by blacklisting the driver. This is not a big deal in Chrome because it was built with codecs that work with software-based rendering. However, Vivaldi was not built with any patent-encumbered codecs and relies on the operating system's libraries to provide the necessary support... but on macOS, this solution currently works only when hardware acceleration is enabled. Another bug was causing the crash you experienced. Vivaldi is essentially using a software build configuration that Google had not tested and the Vivaldi developers now have to come up with an appropriate fix.

  • Macbook Pro, 2011, 17".

    Same problem.

    Enabling the Override software rendering list flag solved my problem.

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    The next days a Vivaldi will come up fixe for such Mac crashes.

  • I also don't play videos on Twitter. Movie embedded in tweet doesn't play. Tweets posted on YouTube's link will be played.

    1.10.867.48 (Stable channel) (64-bit) / macOS Sierra 10.12.6

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    @izacks Until now, there were two bugs that impacted Mac users whose GPUs were blacklisted:

    1. A crash on some web sites
    2. If a web site contains proprietary media such as H.264/MP4 AVC, AAC, MP3, etc. the media won't play.

    The crash was fixed in the latest Snapshot and Stable releases.

    Getting the media playback issue fixed is still a work-in-progress.

    While not an ideal solution, overriding the GPU blacklist in vivaldi://flags should get media playback working again for most people until the Vivaldi developers can implement a proper fix.

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    As a follow-up to my last message, if any of you are experiencing problems where certain types of media will not play even though vivaldi://gpu indicates that hardware acceleration IS enabled on your system, could you please file a bug report to

    Please include a URL to the unplayable video, ideally one that's publicly accessible on a popular mainstream site, and...

    When you get a confirmation email from the Issue Collector, please reply to that email and attach the entire output of vivaldi://gpu -- either the full text or a screen capture taken with: Tools / Capture / Page to File

    Media playback on macOS is getting some focus now and this information will be very helpful to the developers.


  • @xyzzy

    some more information in case you find it useful:

    2009 macbook pro 5.2 running ios 10.11.6.

    Vivaldi 1.10.x (same version as on my 2011 mac reported above) started crashing when Ioaded a particular web page - I think it was twitter. I couldn't tell because I couldn't get the browser to run.

    I downloaded and installed 1.11.917.43 today on top of the old version and the browser could start. Twitter pages wouldn't display, so I enabled the Override software rendering list flag and now everything is working correctly.

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    @pdwalker said in Youtube / Twitch / Twitter videos not playing + crash issues:

    so I enabled the Override software rendering list flag and now everything is working correctly

    New Chromium code in Vivaldi has a updated blocklist for some GPU hardware, so you have to override.

  • Adding a little bit of information to the thread in case it is not known.

    This video
    does not play in Vivaldi 1.12.947.3, which uses Chromium 60.0.3112.113
    It also does not play in Chromium Version 62.0.3202.0 (Developer Build) (64-bit)
    It does play in Chrome Canary Version 62.0.3201.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit)

    This is on macOS High Sierra (10.13) public beta 6.



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