Unable to add folder to workspace in Dev tools

  • Yay!!! I can now dock the dev tools :)
    But i am unable to add the folder to workspace :(. I am not sure if it is a known issue :|

  • @ranaus This is known for quite some time and was already reported. But you can add the folder to your workspace manually:

    • Close Vivaldi
    • Open %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Preferences in a text editor
    • Search for "file_system_paths"
    • It should look like this: "file_system_paths":{}
    • You can add your path to that map as a key with a null value, e.g.: "file_system_paths":{"C:\\MyProjects\\webapp\\":null}
    • If you now open Vivaldi, your path is available in the workspace

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    Yes, old bug. VB-29664 "Developer Tools - add folder to Sources workspace fails"

  • @tobias-liefke said in Unable to add folder to workspace in Dev tools:

    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Preferences

    Thanks for the hint/workaround.. but..

    The file above did not contain the "file_system_paths" entry/object on my installation. Adding it manually does not seem to make a difference. The "Settings -> Workspaces" area still does not list paths or allows me to add mappings.

    I double checked what the entry would look like in chrome, and it's absolutely identical to what I put manually into Vivaldi's "Preferences" file.

    Any idea? I really would like to stick to Vivaldi for development purposes. o) Thx!

  • This bug is still around in 1.15 and the workaround noted in the post above does not work. Any ideas for how to work around this issue?

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