Insame lag

  • Hi guys !

    First thank you for all your work. That's really awesome.

    ok, so.
    PC : i7 2600k 3,4Ghz, 8Go Ram 1333Mhz, GTX970. Windows 10 pro official. Full updated.
    Vivaldi : 1.10.867.42 with Adblock installed on a 250Go SSD with the system.

    I have been experiencing som shit insame heavy lag since my come back from holidays a week ago (who is also the last update).
    i didn't install news things latelly.
    I have been using the browser for months without any problems.

    But now, writing a simple word on some websides can take minutes and finish by me, restarting Vivaldi until the next lag 5 minutes later.

    I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. I use Ccleaner in the meantime. and it still continues to lag. I gave up and went on Firefox.
    And here I'm now. I want my Vivaldi back.

    Please. Need help.

    Just to rule out some potential failures.
    Does it get better when you refresh your profile?
    There is a pretty good instruction including an how to for a backup of your data so nothing is lost and you can switch back if this doesn't solve the issue:

  • Hei Hei.

    Thanks for your fast answer.

    Vivaldi is back on the computer. I'll try that as soon as I notice something and I'll give you a feed back.


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