vivaldi terminates suddenly and abnormally at any time roughly per a day

  • Sometimes the vivaldi suddenly terminates all at once.
    After this, I always go to the holder of "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default" and delete "Preferences", then everything goes well.
    Around 1~2 days after, the same thing happens( vivaldi terminates).....
    Does anyone know how to handle with it ?
    (sorry not good at writing english)

    thank you.

  • @zinyo
    1.) What windows version do you use?
    2.) What vivaldi version do you use? (Look this up in the first line at vivaldi://about)
    3.) What extensions do you use?

    4.) What happens when you refresh your profile?
    To do so:

    • Close vivaldi

    • Rename in C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\ the "Default" folder to something like "Default 2" or "Backup" or whatever you like

    • Start vivaldi again (The Default folder contains most of your settings, passwords, extensions etc - at a new start vivaldi will generate a new Default folder if none is there - so you'll get a fresh profile)

    • When everything works well - start to copy stuff back from your "Backup Default" folder into the new Default folder until it breaks again so you can circle the thing that causes the termination or you can just go by a new profile and start over new (your choice)

  • thank you for your kind reply.
    1)windows 7 pro
    2)1.10.867.42 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    3)nothing now
    4)Just after refreshing my profile(deleting "Preferences"), nothing happens( the "Default" folder doesn't have a "Preferences"). While I open vivaldi, the "NEW Preferences" is re-produced.

    Why I always delete that file, Preferences, is that at the first time vivaldi terminated, I wondered which was not related from termination and which was bad for termination. After testing(deleting one by one), I found that deleting Preferences could stop termination for a while(but 1~2days after it terminates).

  • and I know that if there is no folder, fresh one is automatically made opening vivaldi. That's why I delete.

    So, radically it's not possible to escape from "the circle" even though I can use vivaldi for 1~2days after refresh and having a new created folders ?

    thank you.

  • Hi, I have a few questions, too:

    1. how many RAM do you call your own?
    2. did you restrict or disable Windows pagefile?
    3. how many tabs do you open simultaneously in Vivaldi?
    4. do you close Vivaldi at the end of the day?
    5. does Vivaldi restart without deleting folder "preferences"?

    Regards, Lucius

  • thank you for your reply and sorry to be late.

    2.I think not. I' ve never changed it before.

    1. usually 10 or more tabs(up to around 20) I use. Is it too many?
    2. no
    3. sometimes yes, and sometimes not. When it doesn't, some programs related to vivaldi are managing to restart it but it can't restart it. Even if vivaldi restarts, it keeps less than 1 minute and then breaks down.

    thank you

  • @zinyo
    I suspected that you might have a RAM-related problem. However, it seems not to be the case.

    I usually have 40 to 50 open tabs, and there is no problem.
    But I shut down my computer every day and restart Vivaldi next day. The old session is restored automatically (can be set in the Settings).

    Since each opend tab consumes RAM, you should try to close Vivaldi every day and shut down your computer and see, if this solves your problem.
    However, I think your problem is related to a different cause. Maybe a problem with the hard disk...?

    Sorry for not really helping you

  • @Lucius
    That's sounds good to shut down and then restart vivaldi a day. I hope it solves my problems, I'll try it.
    Now I use a note computer with 1TB SSD that was replaced about half year ago. Before then, I was using HDD(maybe 750GB). Is there any trouble around it...?

    Anyway, thank you for your big assistance.

  • Normally, there should be no problem with a new SSD


  • Moderator

    @zinyo All (but one) of my machines use SSDs. It does not affect Vivaldi performance, except of course that all programs run a little faster.

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