Address bar, URL Bar, how to set it to default to most frequently visited sites?

  • I LOVE that the URL bar will open specific URLs that have been saved as a bookmark and have a "nickname" This is very useful for nonsense URLs such as Google Sheets.

    However, the quickest, most natural way for me to go somewhere like is to simply type an "e" or an "eb" in the address bar and have it recognize that I am very likely trying to get to as I go to that URL EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    Is there a setting I am missing to have my URL default to my most frequented websites as I start to type them?

    Thanks all!

  • @shaw
    Not directly the way you want to use it (or you'll have to bookmark such sites and give them nicknames) but there is a way that maybe even suits you more.
    Normally you go to such websites like ebay, amazon, wikipedia etc. to search something - so you can use the search-nickname for such sites to open them and directly show you the search results.
    For example when I want to search on wikipedia about Tango (yeah stupid example but it's early in the morning^^)
    I just type w tango and get redirected to the searchresults on wikipedia.

    You can add almost every search on a website by rightclicking into the searchfield and select "Add as Search Engine" in the popup that follows that action is a box where you can type a nickname. (Be careful about the same nickname given to two different sites that results in weird stuff)

    To change or delete already existant searchengines open the settings ("Alt+P") click on "Search" and than hit the pencil icon behind the engine you want to change.

  • Thank you @zaibon !

    That is Amazing and I had no clue it was a thing

    I have gotten pretty deep into this Vivaldi and LOVE IT, but now I wonder what else I am still missing lol.

  • @shaw Hehe happy to help and I wish you fun to explore vivaldi even more. ^^

  • Hi,

    I would love to have the same for bookmarks as well. The most visited should be listed on the top. This feature is available on Firefox and would be great if Vivaldi can implement. Please let me know if it's already present and I am not aware.

    Many thanks in advance.


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