How did you find out about Vivaldi.Net?

  • Hey friends! Warm greetings from Japan! So tell us, how did you find out about Vivaldi.Net? Were you a [b]My Opera[/b] user? Personally i got the link from an article informing us that My Opera is shutting down. (Mashable?) Hopefully i will spread the message right? Since i totally [url=]shout it out in my own blog[/url]. :woohoo: What about you?

  • Read somewhere on my.opera. I'm not quite sure where exactly :whistle: Exported most of my old gallery and some posts manually and moved here 😎

  • I saw a MyOpera member mentioning it to someone else who was looking for a new Blogging home. I clicked on the link and I have to admit, when I first saw the home page of Vivaldi, I was skeptical. I seriously wondered, "Hmmm??? Is this real or is this just some scam?"

    Then I think I saw in my Latest Activities a link to Jon's Blog with that invitational post to join Vivaldi. My skepticism subsided some, but not entirely. I still wondered, "Is this really Jon's Blog … THE Jon's Blog? Or is it just someone pretending to be Jon?"

  • Ruari did a good job of getting the word out over at myopera.

  • Well i liked MyOpera and when they announced to close it, it was like a little part of my was falling apart.

    But when i read the CNET article about vivaldi i was up in flames 😎

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    I also first read it at MyOpera.

    But I´m sure many users will find out through the press, respectively web articles.

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    I believe it was QuHno's blog on myopera.

  • Through you… and that article you sent me. I even updated my opera yesterday too. 😛 Kind of sad to see it go but well, all things must come to an end.

  • Yes. Through you too 🙂

  • I started my Internet life through Opera. I was a dedicated follower of it for some years until the social net scene started to change and I sort of lost track of it. With the recent changes to the browser and stuff, I was aware of whats going on. But I came across an article the other day, I think it was CNET. I honestly do not know why but the whole shut down thing has shocked me a lot. I searched around to know more about this place and it was good enough for me to give this a try 😉

  • I think My Opera was the first social network I joined after Windows Live and I made many friends on there and found romance 😉
    What appealed to me was the presentation and the ability to put photo albums on there as well as socialising.
    When the demise of My Opera was announced, I went on the forum about it. In the ongoing dialogue a number of contributors keep mentioning Vivaldi.Net so I set up on here, and have just finished uploading my photos…..after asking for the limit on numbers of photos and albums to be raised, admin obliged 🙂
    If users are unhappy about other issues, I strongly rcommend they go on or start a forum.
    Numbers are small but increasing so more publicity is needed to make it a viable, thriving community, so recommend Vivaldi.Net!

  • I started my more active Internet life with the Opera browser, and wrote my first blog post in the Opera Community – so I must have read about the (shocking) shut down there. 🤢
    I came straight here. :woohoo:

  • I've been using Opera since Version 8 or 9, but I used MyOpera only as an alternative Email address. After the MyOpera shutdown announcement, I moved on.<br />Then I read about Vivaldi in a german news article at and thought "Hey, give it a try".<br /><br />From what I can say after spending only half an hour setting everything up, I actually like it.

  • What happened to me was I got linked to an article from a podcast about Opera signing up Samsung for Opera TV Store on TechCrunch. A related article was of the former Opera CEO launching Vivaldi! 🙂 Also several minutes later I popped on over to Ruario's blog on My Opera and I saw he had made a post on the subject. 😉

  • Greetings from Norway! I was previously not a user of My Opera, but I read about the shutdown in a Norwegian news article. After reading the article I got interested in seeing what this new service would be like. So far so good! And I really like the policy that the data belongs to the user and not to the provider. I think this is a step forward, but I'm also curious about how the company is going to earn money to keep the service going.

  • Yo me entere atreves de myopera, tenia tres cuentas cada una la utilizaba para un nombre de álbum diferentes, me entere que lo iban a cerrar y me entro algo malo 🤢 , porque tuve que hacer un lugar nuevo para alojar mis fotografía…. :woohoo:

  • I read about it in Computerworld Norway.
    I have great respect for Mr. Jon S. von Tetzchner and although I have been using FireFox and not "his" Opera web-browser lately, I join because I like the repect for my privacy - as opposed to FaceBook and Google, etc - who steal our personal data and sell it for commercial purposes.

    The only external Javascript I have detected here so far, is ajax.googleapis and that's not too bad, I guess.

    If I like it and feel safe here, I would even consider using my own name and improve my Avatar, too!

  • I learned about Vivaldi today in an article from Reuters on Bing news.

  • Read about it on via google. I have to get away from facebook anyhow. I'm one of those kids whose mother has tried to 'friend' them on FB. Time to go elsewhere. Im 47 and she's 82…

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