How did you find out about Vivaldi.Net?

  • Learned about Vivaldi at My Opera…been lurking around, decided what the heck. I didn't post much at My Opera, tried to help when I could, don't have a lot of time for social stuff, but who knows!
    Wiz 😉

  • Back when Jon S. von Tetzchner left Opera, I created a google news alert for "Opera Tetzchner". By that I was informed about I've got a MyOpera blog which is quite dead 😉

  • Hi everyone! I wasn't a MyOpera user before but read about in an article on heise IT news. After reading through an interview with Jon on the same site I made up my mind to give it a try. Looking forward to talk to you all later.

  • I read it in an article at The

    Long, looooong time ago I had a MyOpera-account but really didn't do much with it.
    And since Adobe quit updating FLASH for Linux, Opera became useless for the web-games I played… 😞
    That, and a weird issue I have with up/downloading stuff in Opera made me switch to Chrome.

  • Hello, all! I'm quite new to I found out from one of my friends. They just said there was a social media site I might enjoy so I hopped on.

  • I found out about Vivaldi from one of my former MyOpera homies, probably this one. I was at MyOpera for over ten years.

  • Through Catse on Lucy's blog. He said everyone was going there. I just finished moving my poems here (200 posts ) and it seems they have already gone from my.opera 😞 😠 …it's not March 3rd yet right? Or am I living in a parallel world? :blink:
    Anyway, thanks a lot for . My poems are saved :cheer: and so are my friendships :cheer:

    while just checking up on current news

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