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  • I found out about 2 new browsers a few weeks back. One was called Epic the other Vivaldi. I was an avid follower and user of Opera. I was greatly relieved to see the tap stacking revived in this early version of Vivaldi. I don't usually post comments or even requests, but that said I do have one very important request. As I mentioned above I have heard about 2 browsers recently. I like 1 and only 1 feature of the other mentioned browser ... Epic. I think they got it right when it comes to privacy and adware. For starters I have heard news recently of one of the more popular ad blocking extensions selling out to advertisers. Truly that is sickening. They actually let advertisers bypass their blocking tool, who does that, I mean really... really! So having said this I would like to request that the Vivaldi developers consider seriously in the age of Net Neutrality, spying by Governments, selling of our personal information, hacking and generally insecure nature of the internet, to consider doing something very similar to Epic when it comes to privacy. The one reason I do not want to use Epic is because it is built on the Chromium project and I like Vivaldi's fresh approach. We need a fresh browser, but we need a secure browser too. Epic is right to first and foremost block all annoying adds and trackers. We need functionality built in from the get go on our modern browsers. Please, Please, Please, (did I emphasize enough) Please, build in security and privacy as a core feature of your browser, then I am sure to trust your browser more than any other! Sincerely, An interested future user of your browser!

  • Well it seems I was uninformed because if i understand correctly then Vivaldi is also built on the chromium project. I will say this in
    Vivaldi's defense, at least they don't keep the Chromium style browser and do more customization that those who typically use the open source software (i.e. epic, torch, etc.).

  • If you do put a blocker in the browser,and I hope you do, you should look at two extensions for Chrome - uBlock and uMatrix (from the same person) - their interface is quite nice with lots of power features tucked away for advanced users, but still easy enough to understand for non-advanced users.


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