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  • I had no crashes from the initial installation - But I have had about 12 system crashes in the last three days running Vidaldi The crashes are just total reboots, not BSOD. These occurred on my main machine - a home-built AUSU F-285 with 16gb of ram and an ATI Radeon HD 4670. I thought that it was caused by running Opera 12.14 x64 at the same time. I cleaned the registry and then ran just Vivaldi. Still crashed. I checked Event Viewer and and in the Critical tab, it just listed unscheduled reboots - nothing specific. I checked my hardware for any needed driver updates - none needed. I checked Event Viewer again and in the Error tab it said that K-Meleon had not been loading properly. As I had not opened K-Meleon for weeks, I was not sure why it would give this error message, so I uninstalled K-Melon. I uninstalled 1.0.105 and cleaned up the registry, etc. Then I reinstalled, and after several minutes - system crash. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • One version or another of Opera has been my default browser since version 2 in 1996. Currently my choices are Opera 12.14 x32 or x64. I occasionally use K-Meleon, IE, Chrome or Firefox, but day in and day out it is Opera.

    I have not had any problems with Vivaldi from the its first build until the crashes started three days ago. Currently I have Opera 12 x64, Outlook 2010, Spider Solitaire, xplorer2, and WordPerfect X6 open. I usually have these programs, plus Quicken 2013, Blackberry Desktop, Brother Control Center, ACDSee Pro 7, and maybe SyncToy when needed. All of these programs will be open - no crashes.

    Right now I am using all of these programs and they are using 25% of my 16gb of memory - and most of that usage is going to Opera 12.

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    Sorry I can't help. I haven't experienced any system stability issues after installing Vivaldi. If others have it would be nice to hear.

  • In my experience, random reboots are most of the time related to hardware failure.

    Therefore, I'd recommend running stability tests on your system, for example Prime95 Blend for about 4 hours or so.

  • Thanks for the tip. I ran several of the tests I already had on my machine, but I did not have the HWMonitoring program. I am getting set to run it now. If I have some "iffy" hardware, I want to know.


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