Music to embarrass yourself by

  • I like nearly all kinds of music and I'll listen to almost anything. I do have favorites, though, certain genres and artists. But I have a question for y'all... Do you really like a particular musician or band that makes your friends and family roll their eyes or even make fun of you? One of my favorites is Buck Owens and the Buckaroos. Love that stuff! Tell your secrets!

  • Early rock and roll. This is the kind of music we'd dance to at the malt shop and the Friday night dances.

  • OMG! Debbie! Why you … you ... you Hee Haw Fan you. Oh, I'm familiar with Buck Owens & the Buckaroos.

    Is that the tip of the iceberg? Are you trying to ease your way into telling us that you really like Leonard Nimoy's Greatest Hits … and William Shatner's Greatest Hits? I'm not 100% sure, but don't those two have albums?

  • I'll have to check my collection to see IF there is anything embarrassment worthy.

  • Ohhh, I did now remember of a great Singer to whom I listen … but, who does have just as many detractors as he does fans. That would be Michael Bolton. Great Singer, great voice, great style, but I do recall me and a couple of other Michael Bolton Fans getting ridiculed back on the AOL Message Boards years ago.

  • Then on the movie – Office Space, there is a running gag regarding Michael Bolton. One of the characters just happens to be named Michael Bolton and he's always getting asked if that's his real name or if he's related to THE Michael Bolton. That character cannot stand the Singer Michael Bolton.

    At one point, in a certain scene, that character goes, "Oh yeah, well at least your name isn't Michael Bolton." His friend goes, "There is nothing wrong with the name Michael Bolton." That Michael Bolton character goes, "There WAS nothing wrong with the name Michael Bolton until that no talent a$$ clown started putting out Hits."

  • Nice to see some other brave souls posting here!

    Yes, I grew up watching Hee Haw… For better or for worse :silly:

    Buck and his band were famous for making good music prior to the show. Story has it that Buck and the Beatles had a lot of respect for each other. In fact, the Beatles covered Buck's "Act Naturally".

  • For the record, Hee Haw was fun.

    As far as people rolling eyes at an artist … Barry Manilow. I don't currently have any of his albums - I had several on tape, but not sure they'd be playable any more (30 years later and all that ...) He was the equivalent of what Michael Bolton is today.

  • Breathe in –- Breathe out.
    Breathe in --- Breathe out.
    Okay, here I go, diving from the 10m platform ...

    Kenny G

    There's another one who gets dragged through the mud not only by regular people, but by other Artists as well. His Kenny G LIVE album is great.

  • In practical terms I consider Kenny G a singer. Okay, his voice is a saxophone, but it is very much the melody of the song and not some accompaniment. He has some pretty spectacular songs and mostly I like him, though I admit I recently heard his version of Nat King Cole's classic Christmas Song and there were a couple of places where his timing was so far off that it just grated. Okay, a saxophone is not a human voice and there might be a few things you can't "sing" right with it. Anything I've heard which was original music of his was good though.

  • WHAT? Kenny G's timing off big time? Nnnnggg, I just can't see that happening. It was no doubt just a unique version, unique arrangement of the song.

    But, I concur. There ARE certain passages in certain songs that just can't quite be duplicated with the same effect via an instrument vs. an actual human voice.

    I can't remember. Is that Christmas Song on Kenny G's Miracles Christmas album? I used to have that cassette, but my cassette player ate that tape. Anyway, from that Kenny G's Miracles Christmas album, I really like his arrangement of Silver Bells.

  • Alrighty, here goes another one.

    The Bee Gees … featuring the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack.

  • Not the American type of music, sorry

  • Interesting to note that most of these named so far were quite successful in their heyday(s).


    Not the American type of music, sorry

    There are no requirements! Posts about music from all languages and instruments are welcome here. Name something that you listen to that the people around you don't like! 🙂

  • Sometimes being quite successful is actually the problem. How many people here could name any Billy Ray Cyrus song besides Achy Breaky Heart? I detest that particular song, but I loved several of his other ones …

  • I'm a person who has listened to a ton of Alternative Rock and Metalcore. When I then told people that I started listening to Korean-Pop we kinda just had an awkward silence afterwards. :huh:

  • @Suntana:

    The Bee Gees … featuring the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack.

    oh hell….
    I was the one who rolled my eyes on this one.
    Once upon a time, with my every visit to a friend, he was literally torturing me with BG concert on VHS... he thought it was cool
    🤢 🤢 🤢 :dry: ... 🤢

  • Staying Alive, Staying Alive …
    Hah Hah Hah Hah Stay Alive .........
    Good Stuff.


    Hell Interface Remixes usually make people raise an eyebrow. At the pinnacle of their disgust you tell them that Hell Interface is actually Boards of Canada and they'll feel embarrassed, because they've read somewhere that they're supposed to like BoC.


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