Why does it freeze?

  • I'm on Windows 10. Sometimes, the whole browser just either becomes unresponsive or stops loading webpages. Last time it did and I had to close the browser, I lost all my tabs. Surely, I didn't save them. Is there any way to organize an autosave or a hotkey for that? Also, what's wrong with the browser?

  • Settings>Start-Up> start with "last session".

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    @KnightFury I have never seen such symptoms. Tell us something about your system? Something about your extensions? Are you trying to access content that's not common or usual? Are you running a million tabs?

  • @Ayespy I have no extensions. What exactly apart from windows 10 do you want to know about my system? There are like 10 tabs opened, max. The last time it happened I was trying to open a html file from my pc. It opened perfectly fine in firefox, but made vivaldi unresponsive. In that html file was just plain barebone text, nothing unusual.

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    @KnightFury By your system, I am referring to hardware.

  • @Ayespy ryzen 1600, ddr4 3200mhz, x370 mobo

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    @KnightFury said in Why does it freeze?:

    ryzen 1600, ddr4 3200mhz, x370 mobo

    Thanks. Graphics?

  • @Ayespy Mine has froze twice since I installed the Vivaldi tonight. (6.23.17) Both times I had scrolled pretty far down the feed on Facebook and then tried to quickly return to the top. Windows 10 x64 Amd Intel i5 290Ghz. Never had this issue in the main competitors to your browser. This happened when I had only one tab open and when I had over 10 tabs open. I do not have any extensions installed. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • @Ayespy it has nothing to do with graphics. hd7750

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    @KnightFury Well you should have more than adequate resources. I have not seen the symptom, nor have the developers or other testers, and some of us run some pretty marginal equipment. It's kind of hard to fix a bug you can't reproduce. I'm not saying the problem doesn't exist, or even that it's not Vivaldi's problem. Just trying to narrow it down.

    Chromium is blacklisting more and more graphics it seems, which is a problem that has created similar symptoms.

    Ryzen 5 1600 has had some unique problems with freezes and lockups with some apps historically, but none to my knowledge has been a browser. And (supposedly) AMD and MS have patched most, if not all, such problems. I run an AMD APC here, as you see in my sig, and I can't reproduce it. So it's a puzzle.

    If you noticed the KINDS of pages it happens on, anything like this? The conditions it happens under? It might help.

  • I am having a freeze just now.

    I have two windows, one private and one normal.

    I am answering from the normal because the private one is frozen. And If I open a New Private Window it will be frozen too.

    If I create a New Window (normal), it behaves well.

    The only thing I can do in frozen windows is to create new tabs, which serves to nothing, as I can not get to anywhere after!

  • @sergiol What are your OS and system descriptions (including graphics hardware), as well as what websites were being viewed and what extensions are in use, if any? Also, what anti-malware was in use? It's not to guess about something to blame, but the more information about the freeze events, the better the chances of others getting to a point of reproduceability. Then they can converge on a possible explanation and solution.

  • @blackbird I have the same problem as @sergiol. I didn't like the look of what Firefox is planning to do in future versions so tried Vivaldi. I liked it. However the browser freezes at random instances, sometimes after five minutes, sometimes after 5 hours. I don't do anything like gaming or opening hundreds of tabs, I have Windows 10 pro and only a few extensions.If this doesn't get sorted in a few days I will uninstall it. I see that many others have the same problem.
    Sorry about that.

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    @cooked This will be a difficult one to "sort" because it hardly happens to anyone. I have Vivaldi on ten systems ranging from old laptops to older towers to comparatively modern towers; two, three or four versions on each machine, with Intel, AMD and Nvidia graphics. Among all of these, I have seen two freezes in the course of a week, remedied by closing a news site tab in one case, and by a restart in the other.

    There was no immediately detectable commonality between one freeze and the other. For a fix, the problem must be reliably reproducible. There's no part of the code that's notated: "In case of a freeze, check here." To my knowledge, the developers have not yet been able to reproduce it. If you can put your finger on some action, content or element that seems to be common between one freeze and the next, please say what you see.

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    I have sometimes found that Vivaldi freezes on YouTube when zooming a page with the mouse wheel. Restarting Vivaldi always fixes it.

  • @pesala I CAN'T restart Vivaldi! Nothing happens, although I may well get a fragment of sound from a radio segment I was listening to coming through after 10 minutes or so. I have to shut down Vivaldi using the taskbar, completely unresponsive.
    Screw it, back to Firefox unless this gets fixed soon.

  • @cooked said in Why does it freeze?:

    and only a few extensions

    which ones exactly? It takes one bad extension to break everything.

  • @blackbird
    I have this problem also, I started with Vivaldi two days ago. Everything freezes, I can only restart Vivaldi by right clicking on the task bar. If I was listening to something, I will after a few minutes get the odd moment where that media continues, even though Vivaldi should be turned off. I then can't get Vivaldi to restart.
    This morning I gave up, looked at my stuff on Firefox, turned FF off and went out for an hour. When I came back, Vivaldi was running again.
    Windows 10 64 bits, I had 9 tabs open,
    Extensions Adblock,, Google Translate, Hangman (game), IP Whois & Flags Chrome & Websites Rating, LastPass: Free Password Manager, Save to Pocket, Social Fixer for Facebook.

  • General rule is disabling ALL extensions, none excluded, and see if the problem persists. If at that point the problem doesn't occur, enable only one extension at a time to find out which is causing troubles.

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    @cooked It sounds as though there is content in a single tab which is incompatible with your setup. If you were to delete all the files related to "session" or to "tabs" in your profile, it's possible it would suddenly come up working fine.


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