Few essential features i'm missing…

  • 1. So one of the features i really do miss, and want to see soon is the dragging a tab out from its bar and opening up a new window, This is essential for people who have a multi monitor setup... 2. A feature to import bookmarks and/or browser history from previous browser(s), This probably already is possible by manually dragging the files from one folder to another, But probably loads of people are just switching from another browser. 3. The mail feature seems amazing, not sure if this is already planned, But having an option to use other mail services would be amazing. 4. Aero theme! Yes, Windows 7 still is heavily used, Even though the metro ui looks all modern and such, i still prefer aero over metro... That's all I have (for now) I'll update this thread whenever i find other stuff that should (in my opinion) be changed or added! Keep up the nice work!

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    Bookmarks can be imported from the dialog in the bookmark manager (accessed from Speed Dial) from IE, FireFox, HTML file, Opera 12 & earlier, Opera 12 et prior bookmark file. I'm sure import from Chrome, neuOpera, etc. will be added.

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    about the number 2, i support


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