Need Ability to Bookmark the Same URL Multiple Times

  • I strongly believe we need the OPTION to store multiple bookmarks of the exact same URL. Right now we cannot do that. An example of a case this is needed would be a forum post on 3D printing. The post may contain information on stepper motors, controller software and filament. You would like to store a bookmark for each of those subjects in your bookmark tree under it's proper heading but you can't because the post has one URL. This is a big deal for me. (Right now Opera doesn't like to store multiple bookmarks but I found a way around it.) It could be accomplished simply by assigning each bookmark an auto incrementing ID. The same URL could be bookmarked many times if needed. Please, please, please ... give us this option. [Begging emoticon here] 🙂

  • Moderator

    I have more than one URL bookmarked multiple times…

  • I was using the icon in the address bar (automatic method?). I just now figured out how to manually add a bookmark from within the bookmark panel. This will work.

    But I suggest an addition to the automatic method to make bookmarking multiples easier. If the page has been bookmarked already, in the pop-up alter the buttons so one reads "Edit Existing" (to alter the existing bookmark) and and new button reads "Save New" (to save as a new bookmark).


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