When is it Safe to Commit Time and Effort Switching to Vivaldi?

  • I find myself using Vivaldi more and more each day and realize the switch from Opera 12 is nearing. I'm just about ready. But I have questions. For example, will the browser change between now and the first official version such that bookmarks saved now may not work with the official release? Will this Technical Preview be entirely replaced by the official version? I guess my question is how seamless will the transition be?

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    I still don't believe it's safe to do so. If you have Vivaldi since the first version and you click to reset the keyboard shortcuts, you'll see that many that didn't exist show up. So I believe it's better to at least keep a backup.

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    This is something everyone has to determine on their own. For me, if it all blows up in my face, the effort to replace my data (bookmarks, passwords, speed-dial, what-have you), is relatively trivial. Further, I have a small pile of browsers on this machine I can use in a pinch if I have to "rebuild" Vivaldi and don't have the time at any particular moment. Last, the couple of things I'm not satisfied about with regard to my daily browsing have easy workarounds.

    So, I've already made it my default browser, because it's good ENOUGH; and by making it default, I can really put it through its paces, report bugs or deficiencies found, get familiar enough with it to help other community members, etc.

    For me, the time to switch is already here. For others, some can feel free to switch if they want and others ought to wait. Everyone has to decide for themselves.


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