Redirection after click on links

  • I have the problem with redirection after clicking on links. When entering some page and click on some link Vivaldi open another tab with ads. Example When I open Vivaldi forum and try to click on button New Topic, new tab is opened with URL
    I am using Ubuntu 17 with latest Vivaldi 1.8.770.56 (Stable channel) (64-bit). Only to sure make virus scan and everything was OK
    This are extension I use
    Case Converter 1.0
    chromeIPass 2.8.1
    Firebug Lite for Google Chrome™
    Grammarly for Chrome 14.772.1000
    ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, TTS 11.3
    New incognito window 3.2.3
    Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder 8.4.3
    Page load time 1.2.4
    Scroll To Top 4.5.2
    Ultra Password Generator 1.2
    User-Agent Switcher 0.1.9
    Viewport Resizer 1.1.8
    Web Developer 0.4.8

  • @komir also I am using Firefox and Chrome and there is no problems

  • @komir
    That looks like somekind of hosting company, "Super Privacy Service c/o Dynadot"
    Reference: Yellow flagged.

    • From all of those extensions, which enabled or disabled?
    • Does in your Chrome you use all same running extensions ?
    • Try to disable all extensions.
    • Try to clean all your Private Data, Cookies & Local Storage. You could pass cleaning passwords & any histories.
    • Try running Vivaldi with clean profile.

    I have no idea which "User-Agent Switcher" that is. There's an army of exactly same named extension there, even one from Google.
    I could say, the list of your extensions really well checked. All from trust able company/developer.


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