Galaxy S5 Vs Iphone 6,which one you choose ?

  • Two big company Apple and samsung race for build new smartphone 😠 apple with New Iphone 6 and Samsung with Galaxy S5, if you dont know this news you can read it from macrumor and cnet which one you choose ? Galaxy S5 Vs Iphone 6

  • Neither.

    I don't like how iOS isn't very customisable but Samsung makes its phones have so much unneccessary bloatware that it is ridiculous. So I usually try to look elsewhere.

    Although, South Korea has banned unmovable bloatware from phones so that gives me a bit of hope.

  • I hate android, thats i buy apple.
    I buy a Galaxy only if it can reflash at SailfishOS

  • Vivaldi Team

    There are a lot more choices out there than that. Loving trying out new gadgets, I try out a lot and during my trip in Asia this summer I tested a lot of local brands in the Philippines and China. My current phone is an Oppo N1 Mini, but I also have an Oppo Find 7. Both great phones and both phones that I would prefer to either of the phones listed. The Oppo N1 Mini has a nice swiveling camera and I like the ColorOS front end. I recently played with the Amazon Fire and it has some interesting functionality as well. The 3D is cool, but maybe not so useful. The easy to use music, film and object recognition is cool as well, although one senses it is still early days in some ways.

    Other brands I have recently tried include MyPhone Rio Fun, Arc Nitro 401D , Star Mobile Muse and CloudPhone. These are all Philippine brands. Others I have recently tried include Huawei Honor 3, iNew v3 and more. The interesting thing is that you are getting some really nice phones at very low prices. Most smart phones sold now have 5" screens or higher, including $60 phones, such as the MyPhone Rio Fun.

    What is your favorite phone?

  • Hey adejonatan,

    I really don't like iOS but I really love Android Technology and its features. So I would like to choose Samsung Galaxy S5 😎


  • @jon:

    What is your favorite phone?

    My favorite Phone is the Motorola Photon Q (XT897), followed by its older brother Droid 4 (XT897). (I consider them the HW equivalent of Opera, because their incredibly useful physical keyboard).

    They aren't the latest novelty but be sure they are still live and kicking. 😉

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    Won't be assimilated into the Apple Borg.

    Also, I can do more with my phone than the kids can with theirs, and I can actually read the display - so there.

  • @adejonatan If you jailbreak a iphone 6 it could be similar in customization as the galaxy s5

  • @ayespy because being assimilated into the Samsung Borg is more fun? 😋

    For me, I have a OnePlus 6 right now. In terms of features it is very much comparable to the latest Samsung phones, and it's:

    • half the price
    • Stock Android without the Samsung custom interface
    • Without crapware that gets pre installed on Samsung.

    I would recommend it.


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