Vivaldi freezes after screensaver

  • Hello,
    I have a small issue involving Vivaldi vs. screensaver. With "use native window", after return from blank screen, Vivaldi freezes for about 5s before (usually) responding to mouse clicks. Without native window, which I prefer, vivaldi freezes and must be restarted every time. (my vivaldi startup script reads "killall vivaldi-bin ; vivaldi --options $@") 😕
    Screen saver is xset -s 600 +dpms. I have experimented with other settings to no avail.
    This is a minor nuisance, but still I'd appreciate any hints forum members might have. Thanks in advance.
    V. 1.9.818.44 (Stable channel) (64-bit), Fatdog Linux 710, k. 4.4.35 x86, openbox 3.5.2, HP 14-an013nr notebook, amd processors, Radeon R3 graphics

  • After further observation, I think this behavior is because V restarts before internet connection is re-established. It freezes at least until then, but sometimes it locks up and has to be killed and restarted. Occasionally ctrl-alt-bksp is required.
    This was annoying enough that I wrote a suspend script which kills V before suspend, then on resume verifies internet connection before restarting V. So far, so good 😕

    😞 Talking to myself, but maybe this could be useful to someone. 🙄


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