Fixing a known issue from last Snapshot

  • Vivaldi Team

    We’re back today with a new Snapshot to fix the known issue from our last one and a few other fixes for good measure.

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  • Delta upgrade didn't work in this one, but fortunately the applications folder was deleted this time.

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    Nice little suprise πŸ˜‰ Thanks

  • Devs, please

    1. Fix the auto-update issue!
    2. The 'incremental' update sometimes works and sometimes not!
    3. Either auto-shrink the thumbnails to fit in the speed dial tiles or else tell us what's the appropriate size & (possibly) thumbnail format (jpg, png, tif, bmp, ico or what). I resized the thumbs that wouldn't fit and the result was the same! What is the 'catch'?
      Thanks in advance!

  • @nutcracker: I attempted to auto update, which began downloading the full offline installer, which promptly froze 4mb from the end & then froze the laptop.
    Force restart, log in
    Download the offline installers, install the 64 bit which opened and promptly froze the laptop.
    Force restart, and then log back into find Vivaldi starts from the icon I have on the taskbar, but the start menu icons are now corrupt.
    Still, seems to be working ok so far now after 40 minutes of trying

  • @andyraisbeck: I skipped the last update bc of the known-issues I saw...looks like I'll skip this one also. Everything's working well and I don't need to introduce nagging issues right now lol.

  • @t0ken407 I was trying the 64bit, after the last post Vivaldi froze, so had to force restart & 32 bit seems ok, if a little faster.
    1.10 won't install as it's an earlier release & don't want to have to reinstall as it's a pain until sync arrives

  • Thank you, devs and the whole community!

    Vivaldi prompted to update, then downloaded the large(ish) installer. It updated, restarted, I've been watching HD videos on Youtube just for grins.

    No drama, no problems, I haven't had to restart Vivaldi again for any reason and it works fine on my creaky old computer. I love it! Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

    Windows 10 x64 | Vivaldi x64

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    Vivaldi Calendar?? This is new! How safe is this to play around with? πŸ•Ά


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    @xyzzy said in Fixing a known issue from last Snapshot:

    How safe is this to play around with?

    Try it and let us know your results πŸ˜ƒ

    It does not seem to be ready for use yet.

  • @Pesala It looks cool! It doesn't seem like you can create or edit events yet, so it's more for show for now.

  • Looking forward to the possibility of the tab stack cycling (and general tab stack weirdness) bug fix getting into one of these snapshots soon enough to make it in for 1.11. @Aronand had mentioned this as a possibility in the "Stabilizing for 1.10 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.10.867.27" thread, as it's been on your radar for a while.

  • No open fixed tabs after close.
    But, if set in "Open last session" - then open, but this NOT correct (option "Open fixed tabs" is enabled)
    No save order fixed tabs - 2 link from one site sorting for alphabet.

  • Fullscreen and Quick commands: even with Open pages in new tab set to off, links opened through QC still sometimes open in new tabs.

    Also, please allow us bookmark operations in fullscreen, with panels and the standard bookmarking dialogue.

  • @xyzzy
    Looks good & promising. (only looks 😁)
    Nothing are working obviously.

    So, Vivaldi Webmail parts start to get in one by one.

  • That tab bar is clunky and takes up a lot of unnecessary space. Maybe just have the text and the + sign over the background. You can't go wrong with minimalism.

  • @axander
    Personally, I prefer Horizontal Tabs could look like Vertical Tabs in most minimize version, Icon Only. If I need title text, Vivaldi already provide many from hover, Quick Command list, or window list in menu.
    Oh, currently I actually hide Tabs bar because of those tabs lister.

  • Vivaldi does not take focus when link opened
    This is broken with Win 8.1 Enterprise, b9600 & 1.11.882.4 (Official Build) (32-bit)
    This is broken with Win 10 Pro, 1703 b15063.413 & 1.11.882.4 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    The Win 10 is a home PC and the Win 8.1 is a corporate laptop
    Therefore, I can likely eliminate the OS and if 32 or 64-bit version of Vivaldi is at fault
    Same issue with Outlook 2013 and Word 2016
    Therefore, I can likely eliminate the application
    Is anyone else seeing this issue, am I the only one??
    If I install a new Vivaldi build it will work for any number of times then abruptly stop working
    What is going on there??
    This is driving me nuts!

  • @dLeon My mistake, I was talking about the bar that appears on top of the Start Page, listing the names of folders and the + button. It's ugly and takes up too much space. It would be better to take it out and just have the names and icon directly above the background.

  • @axander yeah, that's the navigation bar... If you're interested, you can visit this thread on some ways to remove/mod it. PM me if you have any queries...


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