Adding a new bookmark

  • Adding a new bookmark is a very uncomfortable thing when there's a lot of bookmarks.

    I wish to place the bookmark in a specific subfolder, but navigation for this in the dialog window is bad - actually just a scroll bar. Current place for the bookmark to be added is always a top level Bookmarks. It should be at least the same as the current selection in the bookmarks side bar.

    Often I wish to add the bookmark to a new subfolder. There's also no option to add it from the Add Bookmark window. First I have to find correct place in the side bar, add there new subfolder, then again manually seek it in Add Bookmark window tree, reading all the records by eyes. It's very annoying. Adding a subfolder ability should be right there - in the Add Bookmark window, or it should be synchronized with the side bar.

    Search feature in the side bookmark bar is also not ideal. I can search the name by substring, but when it's done, there's no capability to stay there and expand the tree or subtree.

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    If you open the bookmark flag in adress field of hit Ctrl+D and add a bookmark, enter the first character of the folder and the selection will jump to it.

    And yes, i agree, the disablity to add a folder in folder dropdown is not good. 😞

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