Date mismatch on history tab and panel on vivaldi 1.10

  • Hi everyone,
    I've been using the vivaldi latest stable browser on my linux system.
    The history which is showing on the panel indicates yesterday date for my current browsing, I searched a bit on the internet for any configuration mismatch so on,But I couldn't find anything.

    I verified the History Page, When I choose the 17th June 2017 in calendar0_1498040125280_482cef90-0a8c-4251-8d85-9d427334bcc0.png
    the date chosen was 16th as similar to 21st(current date)0_1498040106559_0f99b200-41fe-4328-9ee4-9ce67ed5b8ec.png .

    Note :

    • My system date and time were proper.
    • I am working on a Ubuntu xenial 64 bit Intel machine.
    • Using vivaldi as a non-root user.
    • Even from the same machine with older browser dates were proper.
    • Screenshots were attached.
      Can anybody helps!



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