1.11.880.3 incorrectly calculates viewport

  • Hello,

    after updating to the latest dev preview (I believe the previous one was not affected), I started noticing that webpages are clipped from the right and from the bottom. It seems to me that the amount of space clipped from the right is roughly the width of the sidebar with panels; the amount of space clipped from the bottom is likely the height of status bar, URL bar and tab bar combined. Furthermore, this clipping affects the scrollbars, making them essentially invisible.

    When I display and hide a panel from sidebar again, the webpage fixes itself for a while. Similarly, when I hide and display the sidebar itself again, webpage gets fixed.

    It seems like the viewport's dimensions are set to the screen's resolution rather than the actual, real values affected by width and height of other UI components of the Vivaldi window.

    Attached are two screenshots, first one showing the clipping from the right side right as I am writing this post – notice the incomplete Submit button. I can't scroll to the right, either. The second one shows the forum's main page, scrolled all the way to the bottom.

    Thank you so much for reading through this, I hope the explanation of the issue is understandable!

    1_1498035172731_right-clip.png 0_1498035172723_bottom-clip.png

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    Looks like a regression since 1.10.873.11 😞
    That issue is currently investigated in bugtracker.

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