Some questions - how to set some preferance

  • I have installed vivaldi and i think that it is great browser :) Standard i use opera but vivald will be better. I have some questions how to set some preferance. 1. how set speed dial on home button 2. I have windows taskbar on top and when my vivaldi browser is open I can't see it. vivaldi cover taskbar - how i change this 3. how to set in browser that when i open it i have only start page (speed dial). Now when i open browser i have last opened tab 4. is here something like sync - example. when i will be on another pc i install vivaldi ,then i log on my account and i will be have my preference, tab, pages

  • I always keep the taskbar at the top of my screen (Win7-64, SP-1), and Vivaldi in regular viewing mode does not hide it, although I also user Aero mode and can see a faint image of Vivaldi sliding behind the task bar transparency if I move Vivaldi's window upward far enough. If Vivaldi is in full screen mode it does hide it, as one might expect. Simply hitting Esc pulls it back out of full-screen, in case that's what's going on.

  • Try turn on auto-hide taskbar and check when browser is maximized not on fullscreen

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