[BUG?] Space between tab

  • After updated to 1.10.867.38. I found this bug happened sometimes.

    There is a space between tabs(between Daily CSS Images and Vivaldi tab in picture). Which I had to restart Vivaldi to Solve this. But still happened sometimes.


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    @siikheaw How do you produce that space?

  • Same here. Just normal browsing sites with links that are opening new tabs. It's coused by new update so for now I just downgraded to old working version with less bugs.

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    @zendar It's best to use the latest version to help with reporting bugs. If you can provide a recipe to reproduce bugs it makes them much easier to fix.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.11.882.4 (64-bit)

  • Having the same problem. Using the previous snapshot and the newest snapshot (1.11.890.4) updated today, the 29th of June.

    During browsing all of sudden once I close a tab, a space appears where that tab used to be. Nothing that I can think of that causes it.

    When you try to open a new tab, the new tab will show up in the middle of that space. If you keep adding new tabs, they will overlap and underlap(?) the other tabs. The older tabs also seem to be stuck, no context menu when right clicked, and Im unabel to move them into different positions.

    Here is a picture that might help...

    http://i.imgur.com/hlYc0Xn.pngalt text

  • @Ayespy Sorry for late reply. I don't know how that space happen. Just surfing internet as normal.

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    @siikheaw Certainly you create and close tabs?

  • Started to happen for me with 1.11.901.3, have to change tabs location or restart, it happens when closing a tab, sometimes.

  • @Ayespy Umm.. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean?

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    @siikheaw What I mean is, such a space is likely to be created when you are doing some type of tab operation - moving tabs, stacking them, deleting a tab, making a new tab, pinning a tab, clicking on a link that creates a new tab, SOMETHING. At one moment, you would have no space, then you would DO SOMETHING with tabs, and then there it would be. Can you notice what you are doing when such a space appears?

  • I already report this (VB-30232) but I can't find the page where the bug are stored. Anyway @Ayespy for what I can say it happens normally, not by moving or swapping tabs.
    I copy here for convenience the link to the video that I made for the bug-report


    Also, when this bug occours tabs acts like freezed. You can select it by left-click over, but it's impossibile to swap or rearranging, or having the tab-menu.

  • I suspect it happens only with tabs on top; I had similar issue with vertical tabs a long time ago (maybe 1.2-1.3 branches). But now seems to work correctly. No gaps.

  • @Ayespy OK. I notice that it happened when I created many new tabs in a row (by clicking links). Then I closed some tabs in the middle, normally the tabs in the right should move to the left to replace the tab that I've closed, but they're not. They stucked in their position like there was something blocked them. Cannot move or create new tab to get rid of that space.

  • @siikheaw Sadly that description does still not help to reproduce it because it is about my normal workflow and despite being a massive tab hoarder (>50 tabs minimum) I have never being able to reproduce it apart from version 1.3 (long time ago) but even then I had to jump through burning hoops to do so.

    Mind, I am not saying that this problem does not exist. There are a ton of bug reports for it, so there is something wrong, but only that something is still missing in the steps to reproduce it. It would be really nice if we could get a reliably reproducible step by step description like:

    • take a fresh profile
    • (optional, if something in the tab settings needs to be changed: Description here)
    • open all links from this http page (URL) in new tabs
    • close tab 4, 7, 9 (or drag them around or whatever is necessary)
    • BAM! Broken

    but probably that is asking a bit too much, so we must hope that we get lucky and stumble upon it on our own (and hoping that the tester who does remembers all necessary steps)

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    @QuHno I'm also concerned whether there may be a special hardware/extensions mix that makes this happen. It really seems a corner case, although it obviously happens reliably to a very few users.

  • @QuHno I understand that. Thank you.

  • Same issue here. Haven't done any tab re-arranging or anything else of a similar nature. I probably closed a couple of tabs though before I noticed it - so it is possible that may be the 'trigger'.

    I have also noticed that occasionally there is one really, really large tab on the left hand-side that covers about 6 or 7 of my other tabs. Forgot to get a screenshot last time it happened sadly, but did get a screen shot of the empty tab area problem that is being reported here.

    Regards bugs, is there not a dedicated bug-tacking system, or do we just have to assume that somebody from Vivaldi may get around to reading it on here and then may report it back to the devs as a bug. Have to say, it seems like a bit of a shoddy system to me for a 'professional' development company, but it's your system, so I guess you can do what you want with it.

    Here's screenshot anyway:


    Also what's this thing about having to wait 560 seconds. I'm trying to do you a favour here, by testing your browser (for free) and then reporting a bug. I'm not sure why you'd want to put me off from doing so by wasting my time for 9.3+/-.03 minutes first! A little bit cheeky if you don't mind me saying so!

  • @ohgodyetanotherusername

    Sorry, forgot to include version number: 1.10.867.46

    Also, in addition to the space between tabs, I've noticed that the 'new tab' button (the +) has now disappeared, so its not possible to open new tabs whilst this bug is 'active'. Edit: Actually, the + seems to still be there, but is actually hidden under the right-most tab...when I close a tab, it shows briefly when some of the other tabs re-arrange (though they re-arrange leaving exactly the same issue with the tab spaces)

    (ANOTHER 9+ minutes!!! Seriously? This is not a very user-friendly solution to whatever problem you are attempting to mitigate against. And as you're still trying to build your user-base, I personally would probably be doing as little as possible to piss off the people whom your browser is relying on to make it well-known. Just saying!)

  • @ohgodyetanotherusername

    And one more. I have just noticed that Vivaldi is stacking my tabs by itself - I haven't stacked any tabs at all manually, but for some reason there are now a number of stacked tabs in my tab-bar. I assume that these are the tabs that are supposed to be in the blank spaces being left between tabs..

    I may have to go and find another browser for a while - these bugs are kind of so obvious, that one wonders exactly what level of testing is being done to let something so severe as a browser re-arranging its users tabs randomly. Sorry, but until Vivaldi is a 'main-stream' browser, you're really going to have to do better than this if you want to develop a fan-base. This is sad, because if it wasn't for the bugginess, it would be great and I'd be recommending it, sadly for now I will have to steer people away from it. Might I suggest fixing ALL currently known about bugs (assuming there is some centralised bug tracking system that your devs are using), BEFORE moving forward with additional development such as 'sync' etc. I'd much rather have a browser that does the basic things properly first.

    Anyway, I'll keep a copy of Vivaldi on my system for now, but am now going to go and have to download FireFox (shudder!!)

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