Are background tabs CPU limited like Chrome 57?

  • Chrome 57 implemented CPU limitations for background tabs. I'm not sure if that feature is unique to Chrome or is included in the Chromium open-source code. Does Vivaldi support limiting CPU usage of background tabs?

  • Hi, you could check with Vivaldi task manager (Shif + Esc).
    Background tabs are using nearly 0% CPU only RAM.

    Cheers, mib

  • @NiteShdw
    Well, in my current Vivaldi Snapshot (based on Linux Chromium 59) there's a bunch that seem unique to power limiting.
    I see such:

    • chrome://flags/#pause-background-tabs
    • chrome://flags/#expensive-background-timer-throttling
    • chrome://flags/#disable-background-video-track. I don't like this to be enabled. It make video stutter to catch frame if I leave tab then back.

    So yeah, Vivaldi support what Chromium has (not all). And those obviously Chromium original not Google Chrome. Officially, Google only add itty-bitty little things random stuff.

    I currently testing/playing with a bunch of startup command line flags, including those above. Vivaldi CPU all time low.

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