Crash at open apps (v. 1.10.867.38)

  • For this stable version, i have a little problem; Vivaldi browser crash at open hootsuite or tweetdeck in a new special window (apps)

    Vivaldi: 1.10.867.38 (Stable channel) (64 bits)
    Revisi贸n: 903e7027e99bd6e9b99f163ac6caf4e491a8a1b1
    Sistema operativo: Linux
    JavaScript: V8

    Thank for this new stable version. Vivaldi is my browser for all!!

  • @Sage2000

    Those two?

    And confirmed. It crash in Vivaldi Stable & Snapshot if I tick "Open as Window" then run it.


    1. If "Open as Window" not ticked, the app just work normally. It will open in current tab, but we could send it to new window.
    2. Due both of apps seem just visiting address than just full suite app, you could Webpanel them;
      Tweetdeck =
      Hootsuite =
      And could rid the apps. Less burden to Vivaldi.

    If you think that still not acceptable, Report bug it

    I couldn't test Hootsuite deeply as I don't have account for it.

  • @dLeon Today, we havo a new stable update; but still crash.

    With 'Google Task panel' app; that open in new windown, not crash: I don't know about other apps.

    Vivaldi 1.10.867.42 (Stable channel) (64 bits)
    Revisi贸n 1c037b7399035b4209e72455256615e8972493aa
    Sistema operativo Linux
    JavaScript V8

  • This mist be a bug; because, befare the update, all works good on stable version; and at snapshot, worked fine, utli a month ago, with this same bug; a changed to stable. But the bug come 馃槥


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