V. does not respect text boxes

  • I find this quite often. Not on all sites, but, for instance, on one site I frequent, when I'm in a composition box and hit Ctrl-left/right to navigate around for editing purposes, V. will interpret that as a Back/Forward page navigation command, and I exit the page. Luckily the site memorizes the draft, so I haven't lost any work so far. But not all sites offer that protection.

    I don't expect anyone to sign up to test this, but here is a sample site where I routinely experience the problem: https://www.christianforums.com

  • @paul1149
    You have 2 ways to work around that.

    1. Use this before typing into input box.


    1. Delete/Change Ctrl+right and Ctrl-left

  • Thanks very much, @dLeon . #2 looks like it will be fine. I'm used to only Alt-left/right anyway, and don't know how Ctrl-left was set (there was no Ctrl-right set). Should solve it. Thanks.

  • @dLeon Unfortunately, the BackSpace key does it also, though not all the time, and I don't want to unmap it

  • @paul1149
    There's already some issue raised for Backspace key alone.
    Requests & bug reports for Vivaldi shortcuts to not effect input boxes or cloud editor already flying in.

  • @dLeon Ok. Good. Kinda important.

    Thanks. BW.

  • BTW, one fact that might help in finding a solution: this happens most to me on a xenforo forum site. I know they have a lot of javascript going on.

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    @paul1149 said in V. does not respect text boxes:


    as is said: the bug is known and was reported.

  • It has also happened to me many times, but it seems almost random, & often not repeatable. Most recently it occurred to me several times last night when i was composing a post on the openSUSE Forum site. The most common keys that seem to trigger it are 1, 2, 4, 5 [which i'm not willing to disable or change in Settings, given these are important tab navigation keys for me when i am not in a text box]. Also sometimes W, sometimes Z. When these random jumps occur they give me apoplexy... sometimes i can recover my text, but sometimes it is lost.

  • @Steffie said in V. does not respect text boxes:

    openSUSE Forum

    That doesn't look like Xenforo. The one saving grace about the situation is that xenforo has an excellent post-in-process saving mechanism, which lags only about a second behind your typing. So I've never lost anything. But this is one annoying bug. I wonder if double-clicking in the text box would help. Once I nav back to the page it never happens again while I'm composing.

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