Vivaldi Panels feedback

  • After the Reader Mode Settings 1.11 snapshot I realized there are some UX issues with it. It is not entirely thought-out, because I keep my panels hidden with F4 so I can't see this settings button unless I press F4.

    In fact this whole panel thing is really an obstacle for me:

    • my downloads appear there, it pops up every time a download starts, if it doesn't I won't even know a download has been initiated in the first place. Then it doesn't close on it's own after the downloaded file has been opened via the panels.
    • its existence really bothers me and distracts me so I always keep it hidden to the point where I only used it for downloads and my habit for accessing them is pressing F4, which is fundamentally wrong.

    My proposal is that an option is added so that downloads are into a pop-up on press window and other core functions like reader mode settings (and other potential future entries) have an option to be placed elsewhere in case the panels aren't being used.

  • Hi, I use "Show Panel Toggle" and switch "Open Download Panel automatically" off.
    Many user use Web Panels for different reason, they are very handy if you have 22" or bigger display.
    I don´t use it at my laptop for example.
    Here is a great example:

    Notes are also comes handy if you know how to use it.

    Cheers, mib

  • Moderator

    @TianlanSha I think the Reader Mode View Panel would be better in settings.

    You can enable notification for completed downloads in Settings, Downloads.


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