More icons in status bar (such as visibility filters)

  • Hi,

    I never really noticed (or perhaps they are new) the icons for screen shots etc. (What a wonderful addition, taking full page screen shots - I usually use SnagIt for that).

    If possible, I'd like to have the option to do more SnagIt-ing things with the screen shots, like optionally showing the cursor/arrow and perhaps to wait for a few seconds so that one can show a drop down menu selection or so. This would be great for doing tutorials, commenting on web sites under constructions, etc. I don't know if this is hard to implement, but if it's too difficult, SnagIt works fine for now.

    I think that the status bar could have more icons of use. One such icon that at least I would appreciate is the ability to watch the browser in a filtered mode, such as in grayscale or for people with red/green-visual impairment. (Note that there is a setting for these things in Photoshop, in case you need some hints for what filters to include). This would be a great feature for web development, and would give Vivaldi more cred as a politically correct browser. Actually, the only way I know of testing a web site today for visual impairment is to create screen shots and run them through Photoshop or so. Thus, actually surfing a web site in a filtered mode is not possible (to my knowledge). Once again, Vivaldi could get another "first", and I presume this would be rather easy to code.

    The feature could also serve as a creativity tool: by viewing your web site in b/w for instance, you could decide if a b/w brochure would look good. Likewise, a teacher could decide whether to print out a web page in b/w or if color is needed (which puts some extra strain on the environment I think and might be more expensive) for a class.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Try "Filter Sepia" in Page actions <> to to right of the toggle images icon.

  • @Pesala My gosh - had no idea. 🙂 I thought the <> was only a code debugger. Really cool. However, the two common visibility (red-green) deficiency filters are not there, I think.

  • @pettrer said in More icons in status bar (such as visibility filters):

    I'd like to have the option to do more SnagIt-ing things with the screen shots

    I use FastStone Capture. In my opinion, extending the basic snapshot feature is just creeping sophistication. If anyone wants to add notes and create tutorials, they should use a dedicated program.

    Post in the Feature Requests thread.

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