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    I am exploring some of the Vivaldi new features (at least those that are new to me, finding out about them right now).

    1. Power search: I am reading that Vivaldi can retrieve pretty much everything from my history, but take this page for example:
    I cannot retrieve it if I type in "Zeit Putin", which is, let's say, all I remember about that page I want to retrieve. Even tried with F2, doesn't retrieve it.

    2. Notes: I really don't get why I should use my browser for note-taking. The official page about Notes in Vivaldi ( has so little information, many users won't really understand what it's all about. Please tell us how are notes supposed to be used?! Some examples in context? I would find them useful if I could create notes about a web page that I am visiting, and then when visiting that page again, the notes associate to that page would be retrieved automatically, for example an article written in a foreign language, and the notes may contain words that I've translated previously, or some useful quotations/relevant sentences from that article. And I would like to be able to export these notes, as well, inclusive of the source URL (similarly to what Diigo does).

    1. Kudos for Web panels and page tiling, fantastic feature that makes Vivaldi shine compared to all other browsers! I can now keep two pages opened at once, and how easily! I can also read a page from a foreign language and keep google translate, or whatever dictionary, open on the side. Really useful: Thank you guys.

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    @lucaben said in Feedback on smart search, web panels and notes:

    Please tell us how are notes supposed to be used?

    I use them for inserting boiler-plate text, e.g. replies to FAQs, personal info, etc. Right-click in any text area and select Insert Note.

    e.g. See the Modding Forum

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